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Thunder Tiger-TitanX50-RC-Helicopter-K12-4757

Thunder Tiger-TitanX50-RC-Helicopter-K12-4757

Titan X50 Electric Version, Flybarless Edition.

This helicopter is an excellent choice for flying enthusiasts

This Helicopter has the perfect combination of flying stability and the agility for 3D flying.

Instructions Manual..

For convenient assembly and safe operation of this helicopter, please read the instructions carefully.

Kept your Manual in a safe place as you may need it for information and reference of part numbers.

Item required to build this helicopter 

Radio Set–Receiver-Battery– 8-12S Li-Po Battery

Included in your  kit- Power System– Electric Brushless Motor– Electric Speed Controller-Servo

Tools are required to assembly this Helicopter.

Contents – Yes this is the K12 kit.  No 4757

Titan X50 Electric.

Titan X50 Electric is inherited from the Nitro version but 100% exclusive design is promised for a electric power, which is acceptable between 8~12S Li Po so that its performance is enhanced to a new high peak .


This RC Model is not a toy. This Product is a high Precision flying Machine. Possibilities of unexpected crashes may occur due to electronic interference, incorrect operation, or poor mechanical maintenance.

This product is only recommended for users ages 16 and up. Flying a R/C Helicopter is difficult, beginners must receive guidance and supervision from experienced pilots to minimize unexpected danger

Cost of Repair.

To cut the cost of repairs and maintenance for beginners, it is recommended to fly the helicopter with a practice rack and to learn basic flying skills with a computer R/C flying simulator. (crashes in simulators are free to repair

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