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Thunder Tiger Spare Parts.

Thunder Tiger Corporation is a Taiwan manufacturer of radio controlled models including airplanes, helicopters, cars, boats, accessories and engines.

Below is a list of parts we have in stock.

Looking for a different part e-Mail us with the part number.

  • AA1680 Exhaust Coupler 21/28.
  • PD0167 Front Torque Rod
  • PD1498 Knuckle Hub
  • PD0871 Coupler Tube.
  • PD2339 Mount Post.
  • AA0418 Shaft Guide.
  • PD8019 FR Bumper Brace.
  • PN1895 Clutch Bell.
  • PD1575 Rebuild Kit.
  • PD1955 Susp Arm.
  • PD2364 Main Gear.
  • PD1907 Susp Plate.
  • PD1754 Spur Gear.
  • PD0566 Susp Member.
  • PD1517 Body Mount
  • PD1915 Knuckle
  • PN0276 Start Back Plate
  • PD2366 CTR CVA
  • PD1896 Diff Shime
  • PD1508 Bellcrank Post.
  • PD1969 Ball Bearing.
  • PD8013 L/WR Susp Arm Set.
  • PD1464 F/R Drive CVA MTA4.
  • PD7977 Front Susp Arm.
  • PD8036 1/10 Clutch Bell.
  • PD6340 2 SPD Pinion & Shaft.
  • PD1593 Shoulder Screw.
  • PD1456 Main Spur Gear
  • PD0552 RR Sway Bar.
  • PD8049 CTR Trans Case MT-12.
  • PD1515 FR Shock Tower MTA4.
  • PD0389 Screw Bag.
  • PD1497 Suspension Hinge Pin Set MTA4
  • PD1478 Shock Ends MTA4
  • PD1227 Manifold Spring MTA4.
  • PD1505 Turnbuckle M4 126mm MTA4.
  • PD0570 Tie-Ends Set EB/K.
  • PD0583 FR Sway Bar 2.3mm EB4.
  • PD1525 Servo Saver.
  • PD1924 Hex Wheel Adapter set.
  • PD8130 Shock Body & Cap MT-12.
  • PN1251 Set Screw EB/K.
  • PD1205 L Susp Arm (cold) EB/K S2.
  • PD8058 2 SPD Gears MT-12.
  • PD8009 Drive Bone MT-12.
  • PD1503 Turnbuckle 4″ 110mm.
  • PD1920 ST. Tie End S3.
  • AR0019 Front Suspension Arm Set.
  • PD1745 Upr Suspension Arm (2) MTA4.
  • PW0258 Starting Cover Set 21 BX.
  • PD1522 Clutch Hardware, 21 MTA4.
  • PD8082 TH/BK Linkage, MT-12.
  • PD1500 Ball Type universal MTA4.
  • PD0562 Shock Plastic Parts EB/K
  • PD0581 S S Metal Park EB/K
  • PD0617 Front Knuckle EB/K.
  • PD7713 Long Hex Adapter TA-B.
  • PD1806 Clutch Bell 31.5 20T.
  • PD1467 F. Drive / Disc Brake Hub.
  • PD1563 Locknut (8) Flange M5.
  • PD7228 FR CVA Rebuild Kit.
  • PD1528 Thro/Brake Linkage MTA4.
  • PD1569 E-Clip (20) 2.5mm MTA4.
  • PD1465 F/R Drive Input Cup MTA4.
  • PD1546 SK. H.M. Screw (20) M5* 10.
  • PD1740 Drive Cup Set Screw MTA
  • PD8037 Ball Bearing Set (2)

Above is a list of Thunder Tiger Spare Parts we have in stock.

If you would like to buy more than one part, please e-mail use before paying.

Look out for more Thunder RC’S.

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