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Thunder Tiger-Pro Engine- Pro Series-Pro61-9160.

Thunder Tiger Engines.

Thunder Tiger Engines have been designed to combine high performance with easy handling and maintenance using CAD computer technology. Major components of the engines are machined from the highest quality materials using state of the art CNC manufacturing techniques, resulting in consistent high quality and reliability.

The PRO series engines are equipped with dual ball bearings. Schnuerie porting, a special ABN type piston and cylinder sleeve and automatic mixture control carburetors with safe angular needle valve. The engines have been designed for both beginners and experienced flyers.


Thunder Tiger Aircraft PRO Series Engines have a manual, with step by step instructions. A Parts List for the Pro-25/36/40/46/61.


Mount Your engine securely to rigid hardwood rails (e.g.maple) or a radial mount of metal or glass-filled nylon composition.

Radio Set-Up.

Set-up your throttle servo linkage to the carb throttle arm so it provides the action indicated when the transmitter throttle stick is moved.

Necessary Accessories.

The following items are necessary for operating the engine..


Fuel containing 25% lubricant and 75% methanol is recommended for break-in/run-in and general use.

Glow Plug.

The type and quality of glow plug used in your engine will have a major impact on the overall performance and reliability. Thunder Tiger .10-61 size engine operate best with a “hot” R/C long type plug.

Glow starter.

The power source for heating the glow plug during starting the engine.

Plug Wrench.

Used for tightening the glow plug and also fits the propeller nut.

Fuel Pump or Bottle.

Required to transfer fuel into the fuel tank in your model.

Chicken Stick/Safety Stick.

Used to flip the propeller for starting the engine by hand.

Electric Starter with Starter Battery.

Most engines can be started quickly with an electric starter.


Suggested propeller sizes are shown in the manual, with allowances for different types of aircraft and performance goals.

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