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Futaba-Wireless Trainer System-WTR-7-Learn how to fly RC planes.

Futaba-Wireless Trainer System.

The WTR-7 is to be used as a wireless trainer unit instead of the conventional wired trainer cable.

WTR-7 .Learn how to fly RC planes.

FASST™ Wireless Trainer System.

Teach and learn how to fly the wireless way!

The FASST Wireless Trainer System makes the teaching/learning experience more enjoyable by eliminating the cord!

Does away with cumbersome trainer cords, allowing the instructor and student to stand up to 30 feet apart.

Plugs into the micro port of any instructor’s transmitter and attaches to the back with included hook-and-loop material.

Easy programming through the transmitter.

Operation Range 10m.

Dimensions: 22.5×40.3×13.1mm.

Weight: 8.1g (exclude Wires.


Usage condition.

The Student’s transmitter MUST. be in the 7ch mode of FASST such as T6F.X, T7C<TM7,TM8’s 7ch mode, TM10’s 7ch mode, TM14’s 7ch mode,  have a micro connector trainer port.

The Instructor’s transmitter can be ant type of Futaba’s transmitter, which has a micro connector trainer port.

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