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Pottery- Glaze- Rutile Blue.-Cone 9-10

Cone 9-10 high firing 1300 Reduction.

The way you apply this glaze, is all about the colour you get.

Dip, Brush On .,Pour Over.

How hot the kiln is. Each shelf can give you different colour.

One side of the kiln might be hotter than the other. Colour will be a brown.

This is the colour from brush on.

I fine that brushing on a glaze you get nice colours from brush on.

The colour when dipped in bucket.

Pouring the glaze over the potttery.

Above are only some of the different colours I have got with the glaze Rutile blue.

Leave a comment and tell me the colours you have got.

Add different Oxide for different colour.

Make a small batch first.

Polash Feldspar. 40

Silica 30

Whiting 20

Kaolin 10

You have to add your Oxides.

My first mix I add Iron Oxide instead of Red Iron Oxide.

So I added some Cobalt Carbonate, to the mix. Yes it is a real dark blue.

This is blue.

Add Oxide 1.

Red Iron Oxide 5

Rutile 5

Add Oxide 2.

Iron Oxide 5

2 teaspoons Cobalt Carbonate.

Different colours you get using Rutile Blue Glazers.

This is rutile blue with Oxide 1.Slow Pour Over.
Rutile.Oxide 1. Dip
Rutile Oxide 1. Pour over.
Rutile Oxide 2
Rutile Oxide1. Brush on.

As you can see there is a lot of different colours of Rutile.

For White, add Tin Oxide. 10g

For a light blue some time light brown. add Rutile 7g

Have fun working out Rutile colours. I like them all.

Happy potting.

Wendys Pottery Journey.

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