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RC Aircraft Propellers -Master Airscrew-Model Aircraft Propellers. Scimitar S-Series

Master Airscrew Model Aircraft Propellers are preferred choice for the many experienced flyers and hobbyists.

Master Airscrew Model Aircraft Propellers since 1978

For more than 40 years they have envisioned, designed, and manufactured model airplane and multi rotor propellers with utmost precision and care. Constantly improving our technology and production processes throughout the years, they have developed perfectly efficient and incredibly silent blades, second to none. Recognised worldwide as a benchmark in the hobby industry, Master Airscrew Model Aircraft Propellers .

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If we do not have what you want, we can back order most parts.

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Products in Stock.

Master Airscrew S-2 Series (scimitar profile) 11 x5 in.-28 x 13cm. Model Airplane Propeller.MA11508- $5.50

Master Airscrew S-2 Series (scimitar profile).13 x6in.-33 x 15cm.  Model Airplane Propeller MA1360S – $7.50

Master Airscrew S-2 Series (scimitar profile) 14 x6in. 35 x 15cm Model Aircraft Propeller MA1460S- $9.90

Master Airscrew S-2 Series (scimitar profile)10 x 7in-25 x 18cm. Model Aircraft Propeller. MA1070S-$5.50.

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