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Tamiya 1626. Honda CX500 Turbo. Old Plastic Model Kit. Big Scale 26. 1/6 Scale

Tamiya 1626. Honda CX500 Turbo. Old Plastic Model Kit.

Big Scale 26. 1/6 Scale

In 1980 the famous motor cycle show in the world was held in Cologne West Germany.

Unveiled was the first Turbocharged motorcycle  was shown. The Honda CX500.

In 1981 the Honda CX500 was Released, as the first production turbocharged machine in the world.

Turbocharging is a system of using the engine exhaust to rotate a turbine, which powers a compressor to increase the volume of gas/air mixture introduced into the engine cylinders, thereby increasing power output and reducing gas consumption.

WW2 many fighter and bomber aircraft utilized the turbocharging method, to increasing performance.

In the late 1970’s¬† we saw turbocharging in racing cars. In the 80’s many street automobiles were using turbocharging..

It was thought that turbocharging could not be effective in smaller engines due to the lag time in acceleration.

The Honda Company, in conjunction with IHI (ishikawajimaharima Heavy Industries) successfully overcame this drawback, by using C.F.I.( Computerized Fuel Injection) which they developed for the CX500.

CX500 Turbo Specifications.

Engine Type.———–4 Stroke water-cooled V-twin.


Bore & Stroke ———–78 x 52mm

Compression Rate——-7.2.: 1

Maximum Power———60Kw/8.000min-1 (82PS/8.000rpm) (DIN)

Maximum Torque———79.4n.m/5.000min-3 (8.1kg.m/5.000rpm)

Primary Raduction ——–2.056

Gear ratio——————-1st 2.500 2nd 1.714 3rd 1.280 4th 1.036 5th 0.839

Final Reduction————3.091

Suspension Front———-Telescopic air-assist anti-dive fork, 130mm travel.

Suspension Rear———-Air assist Pro-link system 100mm axie travel.

Brakes——Front———Double disc

Rear———-Single disc



Fuel Capacity————–20lit

Wheel Base—————-1.496mm

Seat Height—————-795mm

Dry Weight—————-239kg (527 lbs)

Final Drive—————-Shaft Drive

Static Bank Angie———40

Turbocharger————-Turbocharged pressure controlled type with waste gate and built-in fail-safe system.

Fuel Induction Type—–Dual-map Programmed computerized fuel injection system compensated for engine starting, warming-up and high alituted calibration with automatic diagnostic system and built-in fail-safe circuit.

Ignition System———-Fully Transistorized, high energy system compensated for engine speed and boost pressure.



Study Instruction and Photo Graphs Before Commencing Assembly.

Item Required.

Sharp Hobby Knife.

Screw Driver, File and Pliers.




Buy the Honda CX500 Turbo.

Happy modelling.