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Hasegawa-09726-TF-104G/F-104D Starfighter-U.S.A.F.

Plastic Model Kit.


Hasegawa-09726-TF-104G/F-104D Starfighter-U.S.A.F.

1/48 Scale. USAF.

Lookheed F104 Star Fighter

Role. Interceptor Aircraft.

An interceptor aircraft, or simply interceptor, is a type of fighter aircraft designed specifically to attack enemy aircraft, particularly bombers and reconnaissance aircraft, as they approach. There are two general classes of interceptor: relatively lightweight aircraft built for high performance, and heavier aircraft designed to fly at night or in adverse weather and operate over longer ranges.

Manufacturer Name LookHeed.

The Lockheed Corporation (originally the Loughead Aircraft Manufacturing Company) was an American aerospace company. Lockheed was founded in 1912 and later merged with Martin Marietta to form Lockheed Martin in 1995.

First Flight.

17 th February 1956.


20th  February 1958.


31st  October 2004 ( Italy)

Primary Users 

United State Air Force.

German Air Force.

Japan Air Self-Defence Force.

Turkish Air Force.

Number Built.


Cost Each

US$1.42 Million

Learn about the aircraft History.

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Hasegawa 01997-F-16A ADF Fighting Falcon Veltro 51 Octopus.

Hasegawa- Hobby Kits.

F-16A ADF Fighting Falcon Veltro 51 Octopus.  Limited Edition

Italian Air Force Tactical Fighter

1/72 scale Plastic Model Kit.

Honoring 90 years of Italy’s 5th Wing.

The Italian Air Force’s 5th Stormo (or 5th Wing) celebrated its 90th anniversary in 2008.

The 23rd Gruppo (23rd Fighter Squadron) celebrated the occasion by flying ten F-16 Fighting Falcon Air Defense Fighters with octopi painted on the tail.

Stationed at Cervia Air Force Base in Northern Italy, the 5th Stormo was dismantled two years later.

This limited edition kit features new vertical tail wing parts and new metal inlet parts.


Items Needed to build this Plastic Model Kit.

Paints, Glue and model tools.

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