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Glaze Firing Gas Kiln. Results of Two plates top shelf.

Only two plates on the top shelf.

The results. Plate one..

This plate has coloured descale , with clear glaze painted on over the top.

The firing was two hot the glaze burnt off, on the out side of the plate.

Out side has rutile blue painted on. Colours are nice, some parts are burnt off, or have no melted.

Second plate.

This plate has descale transfer on the inside with clear glaze over the top.

This side was nice colour

This side of the pot was not hot enough to melt the glaze.

On the out side painted on B Blue glaze. One side was great and the other was rough.

Nice colours.

Rutile Blue Glaze Cone 9-10

Potash Feldspar 40.

Silica 30

Whiting 20

Kaolin 10

Red Iron Oxide 5



Please Note.

I brush On My Glazers.

Thickness of glaze, 2 coats.

That it for the top shelf, only two pots.

My Result, My Mistakes.

Happy Potting.

Wendy’s Pottery Journey.

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Good and Bad.