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AIRFIX-04014-Dornier Do.17 E/F-1/72 Scale-Plastic Model Kit.


Dornier Do.17 E/F—1/72 Scale-Plastic Model Kit.

Referred to as the “Flying Pencils”, the Dornier Do 17 E and F variants were used extensively during the Spanish Civil War and the German sweep across Western Europe at the beginning of WW11 including operations during the Battle of Britain.They were later used in great numbers as reconnaissance aircraft.

Items Needed to build this Plastic Model Kit.

Paint, Glue and Model tools.

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AIRFIX-03068 F.M.A. IA 58A Pucara 1/72 Scale Plastic Model Kit.

Plastic Model Kit. AIRFIX 03068.

F.M.A. IA 58A Pucara  1/72 Scale Model.

The Pucara was designed to meet an Argentine Air Force requirement for a versatile & sturdy aircraft optimised for anti-guerrilla operations, using relatively short air-strips & limited maintenance facilities.

This plastic model kits has 90 pieces in it.

Items needed to build this model kit. Paint, Glue  and Model Tools.


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AIRFIX-A05040-Focke Wulf-Ta-154/Fw-190A Mistel-1/72 scale.

AIRFIX- A05040

Focke Wulf-Ta-154/Fw-190A Mistel

1/72 Scale Plastic Model Kit.

111 Pieces.

The idea of the Mistel in combining the Ta-154 & Fw-190A was to give increased range to the smaller fighter. The two aircraft would attain an altitude above the bomber formations & then part company to attack independently.

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AIRFIX-05034 Lockheed Hudson 1 1/72 scale. Plastic Model Kit.

Lockheed Hudson AIRFIX 05034. Plastic Model Kit.

1/72 Scale Model.

The Hudson was the first American aircraft to see active service in WWII, and was ideal for reconnaissance work and had early success against the U-Boat threat.

It also was used extensively in the Far East by a number of allied forces included in this kit.

The Hudson found fame with the RAF as a  long range Coastal Command reconnaissance bomber.

Kit includes new decals for Australian and New Zealand operated aircraft.

Items Needed to build this Plastic Model Kit.

Paint  Glue and Tools.

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AIRFIX-04033-Douglas Boston 111-1/72 Scale

AIRFIX 04033.

1/72 Scale -Douglas Boston 111.

Skill Level 2.

Amongst  other operations the Boston 111, a light bomber, took part in the attacks on the Scharnhorst, Gneisenau and Prinz Eugen during their dash through the English Channel (operation Cerberus) and the infamous raid on Dieppe (operation Jubilee). Three hundred were delivered and some were converted for use in intruder and night fighter roles.

Plastic Model Kit – 65 pieces.

Length 203mm . Height 259mm

You Tube Building Plastic model kit- Building Review.

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