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Spektrum-Receiver AR610-DSMX-6 Ch.

AR610-DSMX-6 Channel Sport Aircraft

Full-range DSMX® receiver.

Antenna is amplified for greater signal clarity.

Flight log and telemetry compatible.

2048 resolution.

6 Channel sport aircraft receiver for park flyers to .90 sized sport planes..

How Does DSMX Work?

It’s a crowded 2.4GHz world out there and every 2.4GHz system faces the same challenges. DSMX better equips you for these challenges by combining the superior data capacity and interference resistance of a wideband signal (like that used in DSM2) with the agility of frequency shifts. Compared to the wideband signal of DSMX, the narrow band signal of other frequency hopping 2.4 transmitters is more likely to suffer data loss in the event of on-channel interference. Think of it as a river vs. a stream. It takes more interference to dam a river than it does a stream. As more and more 2.4 transmitters vie for the same number of available channels, there is more interference and more of a risk for data loss. By adding the agility of frequency shifts to the superior interference resistance of a wideband signal, DSMX is far less likely to suffer significant data loss from on-channel interference. The result is quicker connection times and superior response in even the most crowded 2.4GHz environment. DSMX

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