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Schnoodle Puppies X for Sale. Oct 2021.

Chantelle is a Schnoodle dog. Very Intelligent , and a great companion.

My baby girl Chantelle is due to have puppies middle of October 2021. This will be her second litter.

She was a very good mummy to her first litter, of four pups.

Chantelle did all the work. I watched her, just incase she needed my help.

Chantelle with her 4 babies. about four weeks.

I Love my dog.

Chantelle is always around me, she is very protective of me , Chantelle lets me know when someone comes over.

No one comes in my yard, with out her telling me.

She is very intelligent, comes and hits me, when the postman comes. Always tries to talk to me, She is very delightful dog, to have as a companion. She is a all round beautiful dog. Put a smile on your face.

Loves her baths. She only eats certain foods. Loves to go in the car for drives.

When we go on holidays, we put her into doggy day care for the day, so we can go places were dogs are not allowed.

Her hair is light and thin, needs cutting a little bit in the summer months.

Chantelle hates me cutting the hair around her feet, most dogs do any way.

Her hair does not fall out every. Chantelle loves the attention you give her, love a brush and cuddle.

My baby girl is a really beautiful girl. Well behaved.

Chantelle her babies first day.

Chantelle on a camping trip with us.

Father of the puppies name is Buster, he is a Cavoodle.

He has the hair like a poodle, curly. Black and white. He is a beautiful dog. Smart.

If you are interested in the puppies email me.

Or leave a comment.

Watch this space for updates about the puppies.

Chantelle only has one week to go, before her puppies come.

Have a great day.


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