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Schleich Toy Figurines. Wild life- Farm Animals.

Toy Manufacturers

Founded in 1935 by Friedrich Schleich in Schwäbisch Gmünd, Schleich is one of the biggest toy manufacturers in Germany today and the leading international provider of realistic animal figures. The design of the figures and play worlds, the manufacturing of the production tools and also the quality and safety tests are performed in Germany to this day. Production is carried out at the company’s headquarters in Schwäbisch Gmünd as well as other production sites abroad.

Hand-Painted Figures.

The company have made it there task to give children an understanding of animals and their natural habitats. With detailed, authentic and hand-painted figures, children can gain valuable knowledge about the world of animals and learn about nature in a playful manner. This has turned into six different themed worlds with over 600 lovingly designed and high-quality individual figures which are specially designed to appeal to children in their different stages of development. The many different possibilities ensure long-lasting fun.

Below is a list of Toy Figurines for Sale.

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Pony Dog And Goat

Cow and Calf 13634-13633.

Kangaroo with Joey and 2 Baby Kangaroos.

Pig and Baby.hSheep and Baby 13681-13682.

Sheep with two Babies. 13681-13682

Girl holding Carrot, Girl with Camera, Girl with basket of eggs, Boy with dis, boy with stick  and Girl with Rabbit.13902,13903,13904,13905,13468 and 13469.Schelich Figurines.

Akhal Teke Mare 13701, Haflinger Foal13699.

Iceland Horse and Foal 13609.

Shetland Pony and Foal 13608-13297.

5 Figurine- Panda, Lion, Giraffe, Polar Bear and tiger.

Chimpanzee Mother and Babies. 14191-14192.

Stork-Peregrine Falcon-Baby Eagles and Pelican. 4 Birds. 14674-14633-14635-14673.

Hen Pecking 13647- Chicks 13648-Hen 13646-Rooster 13645.

Rooster 13645-Hen Pecking 13647 x 2- Chicks 13648.

Frogs x 3- 14407.

Smurfs 20411 Azrael Smurf Gargamel Cat.

Kittens !3674.

Penguin Chicks – 14618.

14672- Skunk. 14675- Pogona Lizard. 14676- Four-Toed Hedgehog.

Giraffe. Mum, Dad and baby. 14320-14321-14389.

Zebra 14392. Zebra with Foal 14393.

Gorilla with Baby 14662. Baby Gorilla 14663.

Asian Female Elephant 14654. African Female Elephant 14657.

Viks Hobbies & Models.

More Animals to Come. Buy more than one animal. Change postage.

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