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RC Aircraft Propeller Safety Instructions.

RC Aircraft Propeller Safety Instructions.

Important -Instruction, for your Safety.


A Rotating Propeller can cause serious personal injury follow these instructions carefully.

  1. Select correct propeller size, following engine manufacturer’s recommendations.
  2.  Before using remove any flash along the edges of the propeller by scraping with a sharp knife.
  3. Install propeller using the correct nut and washer with the airfoil side forward and securely tighten with a wrench. Recheck after each flight.
  4. Only use a “Chicken Stick” or electric starter to start engine, then make adjustments from behind engine.
  5. Keep spectators at least 20 feet away from and out of the path of a rotating propeller.
  6. Wear safety glasses and  hand protection when operating model engines. Do not permit any objects to touch a turning propeller. Remain clear of propeller arc.
  7. To stop engine, cut off the fuel supply or in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions. In any case, DO NOT stop the propeller with your hand or other object.
  8. Inspect the propeller after each flight. Discard any propeller that has nicks, scratches or any other visible defect. Do Not repair, alter. or in any way modify a propeller.
  9. Maximum recommended RPM for Master Airscrew plastic propellers is 160,000 divided by diameter in inches.
  10. We strongly suggest that propel tips be painted in order to increase visibility while turning.
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