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R/C Cars Truck, Buggies – Order

R/C Cars Truck, Buggies

Order your RC now

List of some different RC Car Truck, Monster Trucks. , and Buggies.

The size of your RC- 1/12-1/18-1/10-1/8 and 1/5.

HPI are a good brand.

Item No.  HPI-115967.  HPI Savage XS Flux VGJR 4WD 1/12 Electric Monster Truck  

Item No 112609   .HPI Savage XL Flux 1/8 4WD Electric Monster Truck  

.HPI 116558 Venture Crawler Toyota FJ Cruiser Gunmetal 1/10 4WD Electric Crawler

Item No 117165. HPI Venture Crawler Toyota FJ Cruiser Sandstorm 1/10 4WD

HPI No115126 RS4 Sport 3 2015 Ford Mustang Spec-5 1/10 Scale Electric Car.

Item No 115116 HPI Jumpshot MT 1/10 2WD Electric Monster Truck

HPI- No.106173 Wheely King 1/12 Scale 4WD Electric Monster Truck

HPI No.115123 Baja 5R 1970 Ford Mustang Boss 302 1/5 Scale- 2WD Gasoline Car. (Petrol.)

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Order Welcome.

Maverick RC.

Item No MV12810 Maverick Ion SC 1/18 4WD Electric Short Course Truck

Item No MV12614 Maverick Strada XT 1/10 Electric Truggy

Item No MV12622 Maverick Strada Red XT 1/10 4WD Electric Truggy.

Item No MV12613 Maverick Strada XB 1/10 Electric Buggy $270.00

Item No MV12809 Maverick Ion MT 1/18 4WD Electric Monster Truck  

Contact Us for more Maverick RC and Prices.

Orders Welcome.

Team Durango.

Item No TD102042 Team Durango DEX210V3 1/10 Scale 2WD off Road

Contact Us for More Team Durango RC’s and Prices.

Orders Welcome.Order Now.


Kyosho 33012T1 1/8 GP 4WD Inferno Neo 3.0 Readyset T1 Blue. Nitro Buggy.

KYO-30618 Kyosho 1/10 4WD EP Racing Buggy JAVELIN Kit

KYO-30831T4 Kyosho 1/10 EP 2WD EZ-B Readyset Sand Master Type 4   Buy Now

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Orders Welcome.

Team Associated.

Item No, ASS20502. MGT 8.0 Monster Truck RTR

Item No. ASS90001. RC10B5 Team Kit.
Item No ASS90012. RC10B6D Team Kit Clay/Dirt Hard + Loose
Item No ASS20155 MT28 Ready-To-Run
Item No ASS90022 RC10B6.1 Factory Lite Kit
Item No. ASS80935 RC8B3.1 Team Kit
Contact Us for More Team Associated RC’S and Prices.
Item No. FG164158R. Audi RS5 Peinte 2wd 530mm  RTR  $2520.00.
Item No FG54050. Beetle Off-Road Buggy 4wd 535mm clear $1350.00.
FG670060R. Fun Cross WB535mm Leopard Sportsline RTR . $2050.00
FG6010RC. Stadium Truck 2wd 1/6 scale . $1380.00.
Contact Us For More FG Modellsport RC’S
Item No. FTX-5548. Sidewinder 1/8 2WD Brushed Single RTR
Item No. FTX-5529. Banzai Drift, Brushed, w/battery & charger .
Item No. FTX-5530. Bugsta Brushed RTR 1/10 4WD  .


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