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R/C Battery- LRP Lipo Batteries.

Battery-Antix By LRP.

Budget LiPo power from ANTIX by LRP. This RC Car LiPo is ideally suited for all drivers looking for high power at an affordable price. The line includes 2S, 3S and 4S batteries, featured in a robust hardcase, making them perfect power sources for Onroad and Offroad applications.

LRP ANTIX 5400 – 14.8V – 45C LiPo Car Hardcase

4 Cell Battery.


Out of Stock

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LRP ANTIX 5600 – 11.1V – 45C LiPo Car Hardcase

3 Cell Battery


Out Of Stock.

E-Mail Us. $120.00


LRP 8000 – Stickpack P5 – 110C/55C – 7.6V LiPo – 1/10

Out Of Stock

E-Mail Order. Delivery 6-10 days.


LRP 3000 – Shorty LCG P5 – 110C/55C – 7.4V LiPo – 1/10

Hardcase 93x47x18.5 mm

Out of Stock

E-Mail Us. Order $87.00

Item No LRP-430235

R/C Battery Lipo-LRP 5600 – TC Mid Shorty P5 – 110C/55C – 7.4V LiPo – 1/10.

Out Of Stock

Order Now $145.00.

More Batteries


LRP 7500 – Big Mama P5 – 110C/55C – 7.4V LiPo – 1/10 Competition Car Line Hardcase


LRP 3900 – Small Saddle P5 – 110C/55C – 7.4V LiPo – 1/10.

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