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Pottery Glaze. Orange/Brown when dipped.

Looking for a glaze that is a light-brown.

Find out the different colours you get when you dip your clay in your glaze mix, and when you brush in onto your pottery piece.

I am only new to pottery making and glazers. A lady who has retired from making pottery, sold me all of her pottery stuff. Gas kiln, equipment, mixed glazers, lots of minerals and more.

This is the result of one of the glazers that was already mixed, with the recipe on the lid.

Colour was Orange/Brown.


Feldspar 650

Dolomite 40

Whiting 130.

Ball Clay 80

Silica 100

Red Iron Oxide 60

Rutile 60.

The mix the colour looks like a dark brown.

I was using two different glazers. I wanted to see there colours together.

First I brushed on the glaze, I did two coats of the brush on. Just love the colour after firing. It did run a little bit.

This tells me next firing watch the bottom of the pot, not to thick of glaze at the bottom.

brushed on glaze.

Next I had two pots I wanted the same. First I dipped the bottom of the clay pots in a pinky glaze. The i dipped them in the brown glaze, I dipped them in the glaze slowly, and pulled it straight out. This is the results.

The glaze ran to the bottom of the pot
The pink colour that was dipped about a inch from the bottom of the pot.
The brown glaze only ran a little.
Two pots.

The brown glaze is a nice colour. I going to add more water to the mix, and only use the brown glaze a little on the top, so it can run down a little and have more of the pink glaze on the bottom.

Well that is my story about my orange/brown glaze.

It will take a while to find out, but it would be interesting to know what colour I would get if I sprayed the glaze on.

This glaze has some nice colours after firing.

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Happy Potting and Happy Glazing.

Wendys Pottery Journey.


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