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Pottery-Firing at home. Gas Kiln. Second Time Firing.

Secondhand gas Kiln. The kiln has 3 shelves. Second firing of glazed pottery.

The picture above is my Kiln being delivered.

I  glazed my pottery and put them in the kiln for two weeks, before firing. just waiting for a day to fire my pots.

Firing the kiln takes nearly the whole day.

The Glazer I used in this firing.

No143 Butter White.

Rutile blue with Red Iron Oxide.

Ice cream.

B Blue.

Rutile Blur with 2 Cobalt Carb.

The firing was not hot enough some colours were great, glazers ran and stuck to the shelf, other burnt out .

I was very excited to see the results. turning plain clay dishes in to pretty colours. Every time there is different colour on each shelf.

bottom Shelf of my kiln before firing.
Second shelf of the kiln before firing.
Third shelf of my kiln before firing.

Here are some of the results of the firing, the colours that came out.

The plate above had underglaze painted on, three times. And a clear glaze was poured over the top. Great colour of blue. the art work is not that great.
This plate went in for it second firing. I brushed rutile blue on it for second firing.
The results are a little better. Great seeing what colours the glaze bring out. This plate was on the third shelf of the kiln.
Second firing. I put this bowl in for second firing. the green was suppose to be red. I wanted red. That is why it went in for second firing.
Not a good result. After second firing. The dish was on the third shelf.
This cup the glaze was burnt of the rim.
No change the glaze did no stick to the rim, nice colours
Brush on rutile blue
This container went in for its third firing. The glaze was running thick in places. So it was brown/black Brown.

No change

The pot split. No change to the glaze.

This glaze was nice. the pottery dish was not compressed, uneven plate bottom. Made a different in the colour of the glaze.

Well that is all for this Gas Kiln Firing, second time firing pottery, might get a good firing, your pottery might crack ,watch your glaze colours change. you will never know until you try.

Happy Potting.

Wendy’s Pottery Journey.


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