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Porcelain Doll- Gill-Farrington Collection-vikshobbies.

Porcelain Doll- Gill-Farrington Collection.


Has stamp on back of neck Farrington.

A sweet little girl, dressed in a blue shorts pinafore, and checked shirt.

She wears shoes and socks, and comes with her own stool to sit on.

In her brown satchel she carries her beloved teddy. 

LIMITED EDITION OF ONLY 120 DOLLS. This Doll is Number 22/120.

Certificate Of Authenticity.

In the exclusive edition of The Johnsen Dolls Collection.

Each Doll is an original issue in a unique collection of fine, hand-crafted porcelain.

You can be sure that every detail had been perfected to the satisfaction importantly, your doll will be issued in a limited amount.

Produced under the hallmark of The Exclusive House of Johnsen Dolls.

Johnsen Trading Pty Ltd gives you a prestigious designer doll which is of a limited edition.

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Happy Doll Collecting.

Have a great day.


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