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Nitro 1/8 RC- River Hobby-RH-802VRX-2 W/.21 Alpha Nitro Engine.

Nitro 1/8 RC- River Hobby-RH-802 VRX-2

W/.21 Alpha Nitro Engine.

2.4 GHz Radio System, R0047,R0045.

You Need.

Batteries for Radio System.

Stater kit: Glow Plug Igniter, Glow Plug charger. Fuel Bottle, Small Cross Wrench, Large Cross Wrench and Mini Screw Driver.

Nitro Fuel.


RH802 VRX-2

Overall Length:505mm
Overall Width:305mm
Front Wheel Track:258mm
Rear Wheel Track:261mm
Gear Ratio: 1:11.85
Wheel Diameter:115mm
Wheel Width:42mm
Ground Clearance:35mm
Weight:3.5 kgs

Suspensions provide quick multi-angle changes to permit the vehicle to perform on any racing surface.
Easy and quick user serviceable installation
Four disc brake system
Powerful shock protection performance
Machined steel gears and Solid Differentials gears
Three Differentials and four wheel drive system
Front universal joint and fully ball bearings
Solid 6061/T6 anodized soild aluminium chassis
Lightweight engine, flywheel & solid universal joint cup
Good quality wheel rims & Cube-nailed tread tires provides a long service period.
Soft plastic parts & high foam element air filter sponge
Front/rear metal sway bars
Leak proof 125cc fuel tank with the long overflowed pipe.
Oil filled shock absorbers
Polycarbonate body for high impact protection
Engine: Alpha .21

Spare  Parts.

River Hobby 

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