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LOSI-LOSB-1/18 Mini-T Parts & Accessories.

LOSI-LOSB-1/18 Mini-T Parts & Accessories.

Find A list of Mini T Spare Parts .

LOSB0800         LSR1000 @7MHz FM Transmitter .

LOSB0801          MRX20 27MHz FM Receiver

LOSB0815           MS20DS Servo

LOSB0816           MS20DS Servo Gear SET

LOSB0826           MSC20RB Electronic Speed Control.  buy

LOSB1012            Mini-Baja Jump Ramps

LOSB1013            Track dots, Neon Orange (12).

LOSB1014             Main Chassis Set      buy

LOSB1016            Battery Box Set

LOSB1018            Front Bulkhead , Kickplate & Brace buy

LOSB1020           F/R Pivot Block Set.  buy

LOSB1022           F/R Shock Tower Set  buy

LOSB1024           F/R Suspension Arm Set  buy

LOSB1027           Spindle Carrier & Hub Set.

LOSB1029           Steering Set. buy

LOSB1031           Camber and Steering Link Set. buy

LOSB 1033          Servo Mount & Steering Pin Set.

LOSB 1035          Front Bumper & Motor Guard Set.  buy

LOSB1037           Front Axle & Pin Brace Set. buy

LOSB1041           Suspension Pin Bag.

LOSB1043          E-Clips Bag.

LOSB1045          Wheel Nuts & Drive Pins.

LOSB1047          Complete Screw Set

LOSB1048          Body Clips (10).

LOSB1049          Rod End Set (14)

LOSB1051           Ball Stud Set (10).  buy

LOSB1058          Transmission Case & Motor Plate Set.

LOSB1060          Transmission Ball Bearing Set (7)

LOSB1062          Transmission Shaft Set.

LOSB1064          Slipper Hardwear Set. buy

LOSB1066         Gear Bag.

LOSB1068         Spur Gear Bag.

LOSB1069         Pinion Gear Bag

LOSB1070         17T Pinion Gear

LOSB1071          Gear Cover& Body Post Set.

LOSB1073         Outdrive, Dogbone & Axle Set.

LOSB1085        LRS1000 Transmission Antenna.

LOSB1100        Ball Bearing Upgrade Set (Wheel+ hubs)

LOSB1105        Track Cones, neon orange.

LOSB1146        Front Wheels Narrow Yellow

LOSB1147        Front Wheel Narrow Chrome

LOSB1148       Front Wheel Narrow White.

LOSB1149       Front Wheel Narrow Copper.  buy

LOSB1155       Front Tires w/foam Narrow Rib.

LOSB1159       Rear Wheels Copper.

LOSB1174       Front Narrow Ribbed Mounted/glued Copper Wheel

LOSB1192      Rear Sand Paddle Mounted/Glued Copper Wheel.

LOSB1193      Rear Step Pin Mounted/Glued Copper Wheel.

LOSB1216       RX-280 Motor w/wires

LOSB1226       Servo Saver Set.

LOSB1240      CVD Set Mini T   Buy

LOSB1291       Front Shock Springs.

LOSB1292       Rear Shock Springs.

LOSB1293       Front Shock w/Spring, Assembled.

LOSB1294       Rear Shock w/Spring, Assembled.

LOSB1295       Front Shock Body Set.

LOSB1296      Rear Shock Body Set.

LOSB1297       Front Shock Shaft Set.

LOSB1298       Rear Shock Shaft Set

LOSB1299       Shock Rebuild Kit.

LOSB1300      Extended Body Mount Set.






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