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Kyosho 10961RS- Piper -compact size of this easy-to-fly airplane. RC Planes.

Kyosho 10961RS-R aiRium Piper PA34 VE29 Twin Readyset Red

Twin props resonate from the compact size of this easy-to-fly airplane!

Takeoff without delay in your realistic twin-motor Piper with this value Readyset including Li-Po & charger!

The unique sound of twin-propellers resonates to recreate the atmosphere of a real airport as you make a low pass. Two electric motors deliver easy fight control from the detailed compact scale form typical of Kyosho’s aiRium Series models. Twin 3-blade propellers generate plenty of thrust and also provide effective air braking when the throttle is off for the controlled emergency response of a real airplane. Strong thrust enables the airplane to climb powerfully and make landing approaches at a large angle of descent, even in a tight flight area. With its moderate dihedral the main wing design delivers superior aerodynamics without compromising scale appearance and stability so even fliers that have just graduated from high-wing trainers will find this airplane a breeze to fly. Attach the nose and main landing gear and secure the main wing to complete this almost fully pre-assembled Readyset that includes Li-Po battery and charger so only eight AA-size alkaline batteries for the transmitter are required. The 2.4GHz DSSS R/C system automatically selects an open frequency so simply switch on for safe and responsive flight control. With the PIPER PA34 VE29 Twin Readyset, the fascination of twin-engine airplane flight has never been so easy to enjoy.

Technical Specs

â–  Full length 766 mm

â–  Full width 900 mm

â–  Complete Weight 480 g

â–  Motor AF 400 BLS B / 07/15 2 brushless motors

Battery Team ORION AVIONICS 800 7.4V (30C) Li-Po battery

â–  Wing Area 12.5 dm 2

â–  Wing surface load 38.4 g / dm @ 2

â–  Airfoil type NACA 2415

â–  Propo 4ch 3 Servo / 2ESC

■ Propeller D 7 × P 6 · 3 blade

â–  Time of flight Maximum length is about 6 minutes


● 8 AA alkaline batteries for transmitter

● Caution) Oxyride dry batteries can not be used.

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