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Hobao-Hyper Buggy.- 7 TQ Nitro Buggy-1/8 RTR Buggy.

  Want to Play.

1/8th Nitro Ready-to-Run Buggies.

Hobao Hyper 7 TQ Nitro Buggy

Hyper 7 TQ Nitro Buggies  RTR

Item No HB-M7TQS21BU

Ready to run Buggy.

Item are needed to start this buggy.



Hobao legendary Hyper 7, one of the most popular RTR Buggies.

Hobao outstanding design and build quality continues with a host of updates to make the hyper 7 TQ2 Hyper 21 3-port edition factory filled with high performance HOBAO servos .


People looking for more, from their buggy or to step into racing R/C Buggies.

You can repair your car over and over again.

For all parts and Manuals visit

A 1/8 Nitro Buggy. This is a fast buggy.

They are a noisy Buggy. The Noise and the smell of nitro fuel, makes you smile all the time. Lots of Fun to Play with.

Buggies are high maintenance. After Playing,  The Cleaning of  your  buggy, Making sure to see if any  thing came lose, or got broken while you were playing.

These buggies are fast,

With your first go at driving one of these buggies, it is a good idea to be in a large open space. These buggies do go very fast. If there is a trees, fence, in the area do not drive your car until you understand the speed, more. 99% of people will break the front of there buggy from hitting some thing, on there first go at driving the buggy.

Your Buggy.

This is a 1/8 off road racing Buggy.  It is a 4 wheel Buggy. That means it is 4 wheel drive.

Comes with a Manual that has information about  your buggy parts. Show you all you need to know about your buggy.

And it has a list of part number.( Kept in a safe place.)

Ready To run. What  You will need.

You will need AA Batteries for your Radio Hand Set, and to run the  electric in your buggy.

8 AA for your Radio, and 4AA for your car.

Engine starter pack.

In this pack it has tools you will need , Rechargeable  glow plug starter, and a Fuel bottle.

We sell Nitro Fuel –  20% nitro fuel. (Sport).

Tools Recommended.

Make a tool kit for your buggy.

Hex Wrench  2.5mm–2mm–1.5mm,

Screwdrivers Star and flat.

Long noise Pliers.

Modeling Knife.

Side Cutters.

Curved Scissor.

Your Instruction Manual Hobao.

Has pictures of how to assembly things like steering knuckle ,front arm, servo saver, and more.

It has a list of parts, all parts are  numbered.

You can pull your buggy to pieces by the parts manual.

Learn more go to You Tube.

How to start your Buggy.

First up you need to put all your batteries in your buggy and Hanset.

Get your radio handset and see that it is talking to your car.

Turn your steering Wheel, your wheel should turn.

All OK.

Important Notice. About your Engine.

You should go on You Tube and read /look and find out more about, breaking in your Engine. New Engines needs a break in period of about 3 to 4 tanks of fuel before they can run at full throttle, the engine can be damaged if not broken in.

Fuel Nitro RC .

Fill your tank in your car with only Nitro Fuel only. Use your small fuel bottle. Your fuel bottle will also suck the full from your R/C tank when you have finished playing.

Priming your Engine.

To prime your Engine, use your finger to cover the exhaust tip. Pull the starter cord several times until fuel reaches the carburettor and no bubbles are seen. Never pull the starter cord more than 30cm max as it will damage the starter.

Oil your Air filter.

Important- never run your engine with out a air filter.

You must oil your Air Filter on your Engine. Lots of people dust there Engines because they do not oil the air filters. To oil your air filter, by filter oil, put your inter foam in a plastic bag, add filter oil. More your filter around in the bag al done. you do not have to oil your out cover.

Your Buggy does not like.

Off road buggies are made to drive on dirt off road, you can drive on grass and bitumen roads, cement driveway. don’t do it for long periods of time. You can wear your tyres out, and your engine wont like it.

Finished Playing- Storage Put your Buggy away.

When you finished Playing or you have broken your Buggy. and you need to store your buggy, it is important you understand the important of your engine in your buggy.

Nitro Fuel contains castor for lubrication. If the castor is not burned out of the engine, over time it can gum up and damage the crank bearings. Using your fuel bottle, drain all remaining fuel from tank. Using a fully charged igniter and try to restart the engine to burn any remaining fuel out of the lines. Repeat this step until the engine will not start.

Hope this has been helpful.

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Enjoy Playing, see how fast you can go.

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Happy Playing.


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