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Home Made Clay Pottery.

Making every thing from Small Plates to Large Plates, Cup, Bowl, Planters and more.

Hand building clay pottery or wheel pottery.

Making a clay plate take a while to get to the end product. First thing you have to make something. then before it dries, you trim it to make it nice and smooth, some of my pottery is not even, I am not compressing/ smoothing out, taking the excess water away. After that you have to wait about a week for it to dry. If you put wet pottery in the kiln, it will brake, Shatter in to pieces. Broken pottery only good for the bin.

If you can not build your own pottery, have not got time. you can buy bisque wear pottery. You can paint it, or get it glazed. buy Bisque wear pottery

The large plate in the picture above, it has been put in the kiln and fired once. So it has been bisque fired, then it goes in for it’s glazing stage. Glazing pottery you have special mixers of coloured glazes that you cover on you pottery, the plate below I brushed painted lots of different colours. Lastly the pottery is put in a kiln (very hot oven) and fired to 1280 or more. Take about 8 hours to fire glazed pottery. Below the picture of the plate after glazing. I like colour.

Weight of this plate is 1200g

High 50mm, Width 210mm.

Before the pot was put in kiln, for glaze firing. You can see the glaze on it.

The pottery after the glaze firing.

It had a rutile white in the middle, then a brush on glaze on the out side and a glaze put on the top.

High 120mm. Width 130mm

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