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Glaze pots . Gas Firing/ Before Firing. Top half shelf.

The above  picture is rutile blue glaze mixture.

Only two pieces were able to fit on this shelf. I had a large piece on the second shelf.

The large plate has descale transfer put on the inside, and clear glaze over the top.

Out Side Has Rutile Blue glaze painted on, with a Alumina Oxide sprayed on the out side.

The smaller plate had stains colours mixed with base glaze and painted in a circle on the plate inside. and Blue glaze on outside.

Trying some thing new.

Alumina is used to increase the viscosity of the glaze and give it stability on the pot ( to stop the glaze from running.) Allows the glaze to have a broader firing range.

I know it stop crackling on pot when this is sprayed over the glaze. Opening the kiln after firing.

The result were not good. Spraying my pottery in this firing with alumina Oxide did not work out.

The white oxide is still on the pots. who knows it could be because the kiln was not hot enought, or to hot. The firing was to 1228, both cone 9 and 10 were down.

I have another go next time, I will water the Alumina Oxide down more.

You learn from your mistakes.

Have a look at the results.

Happy Potting.

Wendy’s Pottery Journey.

Have a great day.

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