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Glaze Firing Gas Kiln. Second Shelf 5 Pieces of Pottery.

In this firing there was only five pieces of pottery.

The kiln shelf before firing .

The pottery plate below.

This plate had stain colours mixed with a base glaze. Some colours burnt out.

I should of put a clear glaze over the top of the colours. To run your fingers over the colours on the plate, it is  very rough.

Out side was a blue glaze painted on. the kiln was to hot the glaze burnt off in places.

Great test plate. With what the colours did.

Nice colours over all.

Retile blue. glaze.

The two pictures below is rutile blue glaze , love the different colours this glaze shows.. It is all to do with the different way you apply the glaze. Retile Recipe I use. Where you place your pottery in the kiln, also shows different colours in the glaze.

In the last picture the kiln was to hot on one side, that is when the brown colour comes out.

Pottery- Glaze- Rutile Blue.-Cone 9-10 In this picture below, the kiln was to hot on one side, that is when the Blue-brown -cream colours comes out in the rutile blue glaze.

This bowl, with the dragon fly, is a transfer picture in the middle . Clear glaze over the top.

Outside Tenmoku glaze, the colour did burn out a bit. Nice bowl. The bowl is patchy brown colour. It is nice.

The pot below , This planter had a green glaze and a blue glaze. One side was good, to hot for other side the glaze burnt off in places. The pot it self is very rough on the outside. Nice colours.

This is my master piece. I made it by joining three small pots together. It has a lot of different colour glazer painted on. On some parts of the pot the glaze did get a bit hot, so some places it is a bit rough to handle.

This piece will be reglazed. This pieces will go back for a second firing.

That is it for on of my the second shelf gas kiln firing , learning something every time firing I Fire.

Happy Potting.

Have a great day.

Wendy’s Pottery Journey.

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