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GFORCE- Coupling Insert. High Quality RC Accessories.

GF4002-001 Coupling Centre Unit 1pcs.

Gf-4003-001 Double Convertor 1pcs.

GF-4004-001 Coupling Insert for 02mm Shaft 1pcs.

GF-4004-002 Coupling Insert for 02.3mm Shaft 1pcs.

GF4004-003 Coupling Insert for 03mm Shaft 1 pcs.

GF-4004-004 Coupling Insert for 03.2mm Shaft 1 pcs.

GF-4004-005 Coupling Insert for 04mm Shaft 1pcs.

GF-4004-006 Coupling Insert for 04mm Shaft 1pcs.

GF-4004-007 Coupling Insert for – 06mmShaft 1pcs.

GF-4004-008 Coupling Insert w/1/4-28UNF Thread 1pcs.

GF-4004-009 Coupling Insert w/M3x0.5 Thread 1pcs

GF-4004-010 Coupling Insert w/ M4x0.7 Thread. 1pcs.

GF-4004-011 Coupling insert w/M5x0.8 Thread. 1pcs.

GF-4004-012 Coupling insert w/M6x1.0 Thread. 1pcs.

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