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Firing pottery Second Time.

Here are the results. One of my success stories firing pottery the second time.

My master piece. I have joined three pots together.

This piece has had two glaze firings, the second time firing, I touched it up with glaze, using a brush.

This piece is 10″ high. Three small bowls joined together.

Glazers used are Rutile Blue, the colour Blue and Brown, Cream.

This Glazes has been painted on with a brush, this is where you get different colours.

White Rutile for White.

Blue is Cobalt Carbonate with a little water.

Your Glazers come out different, colours using brush on method.

This is the end piece. It is like a space man with lots of eyes and no arms.

This is my Space man. Made out of Clay

You can glaze your pots 2 times, some times it works out ok,

other time your pot cracks.

Happy Potting.

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Have a great day.

Wendy’s Pottery Journey.


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