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Driving A RC – Help you understand how to use your RC.


Driving a RC can be very difficult to master.

Here are some basic tips to help you understand how to use it before you have your first go. (not nice to break it on your first go.)

With RC it is a good idea to be in a large area, so you can work out how fast it is. ( if there is a tree or gutter, in the area, yes, good guest you will hit it.)

Do not run on a public street or highway.

Do not run in water or sand.

If you keep pulling the throttle trigger on the transmitter, the vehicle will keep accelerating and run very fast. It is difficult to steer the vehicle running at high speed until you become used to driving. Drive the vehicle slowly by pulling the throttle trigger to the fullest and quickly releasing it.

You can turn the vehicle right or left while running.

When the vehicle is running towards you, you need to operate the steering wheel in the opposite direction to the operation when the vehicle is running away from you.

Practice turning the vehicle, referring to the following.

Rather than just paying attention to the direction of the steering wheel, imagine that you are at the centre of the steering wheel, looking ahead of the vehicle, to turn in the direction you like.

Once you become conformable driving the vehicle, practice driving on a track with cones.

Keep practising until you feel comfortable with steering, throttle and brake at low speeds

next try using reverse.

When you have mastered the basics you will be able to drive at higher speeds in a more controlled fashion.

Nearly everyone thinks they can drive a RC, It is sad when they return for parts for there RC, the same day or next day. Take it slow, learn about your RC.

Did you know you should never leave your batteries connected in your RC, Always disconnect, your batteries when you are not using your RC.

Read your Manuals.

Happy driving.

Look after your RC.

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