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Thunder Tiger RC Buggy. 1/8 6S RTR Bush Master 8E Plus.

Thunder Tiger Buggy Electric.


Combining the winning design with the manufacturing wizardry of Thunder Tiger, we present to you the RTR high performance 1/8 electric buggy, the Bushmaster 8E. This intricately designed 1:8 brushless electric buggy can propel itself on any race track with ease and the front/rear shock absorbers, a metal reinforced chassis with a low gravity design, 2000KV brushless motor and 4S~6S LiPo battery(sold separately) all complement each other perfectly to give you maximum force and fun. 16mm hi-capacity hydraulic shock absorbers can provide maximum tire traction. The interior electric components and body adjustments are pre-set at the factory, so that you can enjoy the exhilaration of the Bushmaster 8E right from the box. The perfect mix of speed and handling at your fingertips. It’ll be your best option on the tracks!

Lightweight and durable drivetrain with two-piece sliding motor mount for easy gear mesh adjustment and motor removal

16mm Big Bore aluminum shock bodies and caps with rubber shock boots

150A waterpoof brushless electronic speed control with T-plug Connector

Equipped with 10.5kg high-torque metal-gear servo and enclosed receiver box, ensuring segregation of water and debris

Powerful RIPPER IBL-40/20 2000KV brushless motor

Low center of gravity 4mm thick aluminum shock towers

High-traction knobby tires

Looking For speed Check this video out.

Items Are needed for this car.( Lipo Battery 4S or 6S (sold separately). Lipo Charger

Order this Buggy. vik@vikshobbies .com

Find out if our wholesaler has in stock. Delivery 6-10 Days.

Viks Hobbies & Models.

Have a Great Day.

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Thunder Tiger Spare Parts.

Thunder Tiger Corporation is a Taiwan manufacturer of radio controlled models including airplanes, helicopters, cars, boats, accessories and engines.

Below is a list of parts we have in stock.

Looking for a different part e-Mail us with the part number.

  • AA1680 Exhaust Coupler 21/28.
  • PD0167 Front Torque Rod
  • PD1498 Knuckle Hub
  • PD0871 Coupler Tube.
  • PD2339 Mount Post.
  • AA0418 Shaft Guide.
  • PD8019 FR Bumper Brace.
  • PN1895 Clutch Bell.
  • PD1575 Rebuild Kit.
  • PD1955 Susp Arm.
  • PD2364 Main Gear.
  • PD1907 Susp Plate.
  • PD1754 Spur Gear.
  • PD0566 Susp Member.
  • PD1517 Body Mount
  • PD1915 Knuckle
  • PN0276 Start Back Plate
  • PD2366 CTR CVA
  • PD1896 Diff Shime
  • PD1508 Bellcrank Post.
  • PD1969 Ball Bearing.
  • PD8013 L/WR Susp Arm Set.
  • PD1464 F/R Drive CVA MTA4.
  • PD7977 Front Susp Arm.
  • PD8036 1/10 Clutch Bell.
  • PD6340 2 SPD Pinion & Shaft.
  • PD1593 Shoulder Screw.
  • PD1456 Main Spur Gear
  • PD0552 RR Sway Bar.
  • PD8049 CTR Trans Case MT-12.
  • PD1515 FR Shock Tower MTA4.
  • PD0389 Screw Bag.
  • PD1497 Suspension Hinge Pin Set MTA4
  • PD1478 Shock Ends MTA4
  • PD1227 Manifold Spring MTA4.
  • PD1505 Turnbuckle M4 126mm MTA4.
  • PD0570 Tie-Ends Set EB/K.
  • PD0583 FR Sway Bar 2.3mm EB4.
  • PD1525 Servo Saver.
  • PD1924 Hex Wheel Adapter set.
  • PD8130 Shock Body & Cap MT-12.
  • PN1251 Set Screw EB/K.
  • PD1205 L Susp Arm (cold) EB/K S2.
  • PD8058 2 SPD Gears MT-12.
  • PD8009 Drive Bone MT-12.
  • PD1503 Turnbuckle 4″ 110mm.
  • PD1920 ST. Tie End S3.
  • AR0019 Front Suspension Arm Set.
  • PD1745 Upr Suspension Arm (2) MTA4.
  • PW0258 Starting Cover Set 21 BX.
  • PD1522 Clutch Hardware, 21 MTA4.
  • PD8082 TH/BK Linkage, MT-12.
  • PD1500 Ball Type universal MTA4.
  • PD0562 Shock Plastic Parts EB/K
  • PD0581 S S Metal Park EB/K
  • PD0617 Front Knuckle EB/K.
  • PD7713 Long Hex Adapter TA-B.
  • PD1806 Clutch Bell 31.5 20T.
  • PD1467 F. Drive / Disc Brake Hub.
  • PD1563 Locknut (8) Flange M5.
  • PD7228 FR CVA Rebuild Kit.
  • PD1528 Thro/Brake Linkage MTA4.
  • PD1569 E-Clip (20) 2.5mm MTA4.
  • PD1465 F/R Drive Input Cup MTA4.
  • PD1546 SK. H.M. Screw (20) M5* 10.
  • PD1740 Drive Cup Set Screw MTA
  • PD8037 Ball Bearing Set (2)

Above is a list of Thunder Tiger Spare Parts we have in stock.

If you would like to buy more than one part, please e-mail use before paying.

Look out for more Thunder RC’S.

Viks Hobbies & Models.