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Electrical Science. No28505. Build a Electrical Alarm.

Science Time. Build a Electric Alarm.

Step into the Amazing world of electrical energy.

Easy to Learn, Easy to Build and Easy to Understand.

Introducing the hottest high tech experiment for ages 8-88 Years old.

Build a Electrical Alarm

Spend hours of fun in developing knowledge thinking and learning about electrics.

What is in the box.

1 Siren Cover

1 Plastic Cone.

1 Led Light.

1 Resistor.

1 Siron Body.

1 Gear Cover

1 Motor.

1 Switch Plate.

1 Metal Plate.

1 Buzzer.

4 Spring Connectors.

1 Base Plate.

1 Plastic Tag.

Items required. Batteries 2 x AA.

Build your electical Alarm step by step instruction with pictures.

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