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Kyosho 10961RS- Piper -compact size of this easy-to-fly airplane. RC Planes.

Kyosho 10961RS-R aiRium Piper PA34 VE29 Twin Readyset Red

Twin props resonate from the compact size of this easy-to-fly airplane!

Takeoff without delay in your realistic twin-motor Piper with this value Readyset including Li-Po & charger!

The unique sound of twin-propellers resonates to recreate the atmosphere of a real airport as you make a low pass. Two electric motors deliver easy fight control from the detailed compact scale form typical of Kyosho’s aiRium Series models. Twin 3-blade propellers generate plenty of thrust and also provide effective air braking when the throttle is off for the controlled emergency response of a real airplane. Strong thrust enables the airplane to climb powerfully and make landing approaches at a large angle of descent, even in a tight flight area. With its moderate dihedral the main wing design delivers superior aerodynamics without compromising scale appearance and stability so even fliers that have just graduated from high-wing trainers will find this airplane a breeze to fly. Attach the nose and main landing gear and secure the main wing to complete this almost fully pre-assembled Readyset that includes Li-Po battery and charger so only eight AA-size alkaline batteries for the transmitter are required. The 2.4GHz DSSS R/C system automatically selects an open frequency so simply switch on for safe and responsive flight control. With the PIPER PA34 VE29 Twin Readyset, the fascination of twin-engine airplane flight has never been so easy to enjoy.

Technical Specs

â–  Full length 766 mm

â–  Full width 900 mm

â–  Complete Weight 480 g

â–  Motor AF 400 BLS B / 07/15 2 brushless motors

Battery Team ORION AVIONICS 800 7.4V (30C) Li-Po battery

â–  Wing Area 12.5 dm 2

â–  Wing surface load 38.4 g / dm @ 2

â–  Airfoil type NACA 2415

â–  Propo 4ch 3 Servo / 2ESC

■ Propeller D 7 × P 6 · 3 blade

â–  Time of flight Maximum length is about 6 minutes


● 8 AA alkaline batteries for transmitter

● Caution) Oxyride dry batteries can not be used.

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Item No SIGKV003

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A light weight polyester based .

That can be applied Dry.

Grain runs parallel to the finished edge.

Shrinks tight with iron or heat gun.

Attached where you want.

Takes Dope, Enamel, or Opoxy

Very high impact strength

Easy to apply.

Koverall is a cloth covering of the type used on full-scale aircraft, but lighter weight, (1 1/4oz.per.sq.yd.), for models.

Koverall can be used on almost all R/C Models large and small. Its superior strength and low price has made Koverall a real favorite with builders of giant size models.

It’s the most economical cloth covering you can buy.

Direction For Use. Koverall.

Sand the framework carefully, removing any excess glue or rough spots, No Covering will conceal poor workmanship.

Brush a coat of clear Supercoat, Lite Coat Dope, or Nitrate Dope on the entire framework.

Dope. Model aircraft.

27% Acetone w/v 38% Xylene w/v.  A high quality, fast drying, tightening dope foe use on tissue or silk.

When dry, sand with fine sandpaper and brush on a second coat. When dry, again sand lightly to remove any raised grain or wood fuzz.

SIG Koverall is an uncoated, heat shrinkable, plain fabric. It has no glue on it. To adhere Koverall to a model, you can either dope it on, (the traditional silk-and-dope method), or better yet, use SIG Stix-it heat-activated covering adhesive. Just brush a coat of Stix-it on the model framework, let dry, then iron-on the koverall just like you would a much more expensive iron-on fabric covering.


Stix-It is the perfect companion for most covering materials. It has a heat sensitive adhesive built right in. Although especially designed for Sig Koverall, Stix-it works beautifully with any of the plastic flim and other iron on fabric covering materials.

Once the Koverall is stuck down around the edges, it can be shrunk perfectly tight with a iron or heat gun. Seal the Koverall with 1-2 coats of SIG Nitrate Clear Dope and then apply the finish of your choice.

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