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LOSI RC Vehicles Australia.

With performance at the heart of everything , Losi Team is committed to designing, engineering and building the most innovative, advanced and capable radio control vehicles for enthusiasts across the globe. They don’t just making great performing vehicles; they make vehicles that are manufactured using the highest quality materials and workmanship so that every time you drive, touch or see a Losi vehicle, you immediately know why Losi is the best brand in the business.

Our team of engineers, product developers and support team have over 100 years of combined experience and bring a level of passion and knowledge to the industry that is simply unrivaled. Losi understand who you are because Losi is one of you. Losi, is Performance Driven.

What is needed to complete your vehicle

Once you make the decision to purchase an RC vehicle there may be a few additional components that you will need to purchase separately in order to run your vehicle.

Ready To Run.

RTRs include everything you will need to run your vehicle right out of the box. However, for a few RTR vehicles you may need to purchase a battery and charger , nitro fuel, glow driver or AA batteries for the transmitter.

Registering your Losi Product Online

Once you have purchased a Losi or Team Losi Racing vehicle you will want to register your vehicle online. Registering your vehicle will allow you to stay informed on the latest news regarding your vehicle, as well as keep you up-to-date on the latest accessories, hop-up parts and tuning tips.

Viks Hobbies & Models, not only offers a broad range of Losi cars, but can supply, additional hop-ups, accessories and spare parts for all of Losi models listed below. Also Vik is there to help you learn about your vehicle, when buying Battery or Nitro. Help is only a phone call away. How do you tune-up your vehicle, Why wont my car start & lots more Question you might need to be answered.

Losi. Vehicles.. Some of losi Vehicle Available.

Losi MTXL 1/5 4wd Monster Truck RTR, White Blue

Losi Baja Rey 1/10 RTR 4wd Desert Truck, Blue

Losi 8ight 1/8th Nitro Buggy Item No hLOSO4010

Losi 1/6 Super Baja Reg 4WD Desert Truck. Brushless RTR With AVCBlack.

Losi XL-E Desert Buggy 1/5 4WD Electric RTR Black. LOSO5012T1.

Losi 5ive – T2.0 Short Course Truck BND. LOSO5014T1.

Losi. King Shocks Ford Raptor Baja Rey RTR. LOSO 3020T1

Losi. Super Rock Rey RTR. Rock Racer T1 LOSO5061T1.

Losi. Night Crawler SE, 1/10 RTR. LOSO3015T1.

Losi. 22S Short Course Truck RTR MagnaFlow. LOSO3022T1.

Losi. Tenacity T 1/10 4WD RTR Truggy. LOSO3011T1.

For more Vehicles go to

Need any help with Spare Parts. E-mail Us.

Viks Hobbies & Models.


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Losi RC’S Vehicles- Baja Rey 1/10 RTR 4wd Desert Truck, Blue

Baja Rey 1/10 RTR 4wd Desert Truck, Blue



Information about, Baja Rey 1/10 RTR 4wd Desert Truck, Blue

The Losi® Baja Rey™desert truck is built on one of the most advanced chassis ever conceived for a ready-to-run vehicle. It comes equipped with a Dynamite® 3800Kv brushless power system, as well as a long-travel suspension, so you tear across all types of terrain at speeds of 45mph or more! And you’ll do so with the full-throttle freedom that only AVC® technology can provide.

Baja-Inspired Chassis with Long-Travel Suspension

The Losi development team started from the ground up with an entirely new chassis design that brilliantly blends scale realism with functional 4WD capabilities. The foundation consists of a 3mm, hard-anodized aluminum chassis plate that is integrated with a realistic roll cage made of super-tough composite material. To this it adds a long-travel, independent front suspension and 4-link live rear axle that look and function exactly like their full-scale counterparts.

Dynamite 3800Kv Brushless Power System

The truck comes equipped with a Dynamite Fuze™3800Kv brushless motor and a waterproof 130A ESC. This potent combination can handle 2S or 3S LiPo batteries (sold separately) and will allow you to hurtle across the landscape at speeds of up to 45+ mph.

Sealed Metal-Gear Transmission and Diffs

The single-speed transmission, as well as the front and center diffs, are sealed against the elements and engineered to handle the abuse of a high-output brushless motor and punishing terrain. MOD 1 gears further increase the durability of this desert beast.

Coil-Over Oil-Filled Shocks

The long-travel shocks do a fantastic job of soaking up the energy from big bumps and jumps. They also feature threaded shock bodies with adjustment collars so you can fine tune the pre-load settings of the coil-over springs. External bump stops provide plush landings on the hardest surfaces.

Waterproof Electronics

The receiver, servo and ESC are all waterproof so you can run anytime, rain or shine.

Easy-Access Motor

The motor can quickly be accessed for gear changes and servicing simply by removing three screws in the bottom of the chassis.

Easy-Access Battery Compartment

A convenient battery door in the back of the chassis makes it easy to swap batteries without having to remove the body or wrestle with battery straps.

4-Piece Bolt-On Body Panels

The bolt-on body panels are incredibly durable and eliminate the need for body posts that might spoil the scale looks.

The Full-Throttle Freedom of AVC® Technology

When you’re ready to let the brushless motor off the chain, don’t hold back. The receiver’s built-in AVC (Active Vehicle Control®) system will work behind the scenes, making hundreds of tiny throttle and steering adjustments per second, so more of the motor’s power is translated into ballistic speed and acceleration instead of just flying dirt. An AVC adjustment knob on the included DX2E transmitter lets you adjust how much traction control the system provides. You can even turn it off.

Easy-Access Motor

Sway bars come standard and reduce chassis roll while increasing stability at high speeds.

Items Needed.

Recommend a 7.4 5000mAh 2S 30C LiPo:

Hardcase with EC3™ connector battery

Charger designed to charge 2S Li-Po.

Type Off-Road

Scale 1/10

Length 21.6 in (540mm

)Width 12.6 in (320mm)

Height 7.6 in (190mm)

Ground Clearance 2.2 in (55mm)

Wheelbase 14.6 in (370mm)

Weight6.1 lb (2.8kg)

Chassis 3mm

Aluminum Suspension

Independent front/4-Link

Rear Drive

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Viks Hobbies & Models.

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Losi 8ight 1/8th Nitro Buggy RTR -LOSO4010.

8IGHT Nitro RTR: 1/8 4WD Buggy

The 8IGHT™ racing platform has multiple ROAR national titles and international wins to its credit. This thoroughly equipped, RTR version gives anyone eager to get into nitro buggy racing everything they need to be a contender, right out of the box.

At a Glance

If you are serious about becoming a competitive nitro buggy racer, this is the place to start. The Losi® 8IGHT Nitro Buggy RTR comes completely assembled and equipped with the brute power of a Dynamite® .21 nitro engine and the precise response that only a Spektrum™ DSMR® radio system can provide. You also get the benefit of a pre-set suspension that shares the same geometry team drivers use on their 8IGHT buggies. As your skills progress and you gain more racing experience, you can gradually upgrade the vehicle’s performance with many of the 8IGHT option parts currently available.

Race-Proven Durability

In addition to its 4mm T-6 aluminum chassis plate, the 8IGHT Nitro buggy uses a Gen III radio tray that prolongs steering and throttle servo life with features like ball-bearing linkages and more accurate linkage alignment. It has been designed to resist wear and tear from chassis flex, too.

Brute Power

A powerful Dynamite .21 nitro engine gives you all the grunt you need to be a front runner, right out of the box. It is equipped with a convenient pull-start so you don’t have to buy a starter box to get racing right away.

Metal-Gear Drivetrain and Sealed Differentials

A metal-gear transmission and sealed differentials give the buggy all the durability it needs for long mains and rough conditions.

Center and Rear Dogbones

These eliminate the friction of a CV coupler and improve bump handling in the rear of the car.

Pre-Set Suspension Geometry

The suspension geometry is pre-set from the factory to match that used by professional team drivers so you can hit the track with confidence. And because it uses fixed-length turnbuckles and steering arms, you know it will remain consistent race to race.


  • Your fast track to nitro buggy racing
  • 4mm T-6 aluminum chassis plate
  • Gen III radio tray for longer servo life
  • Dynamite® .21 nitro engine with pull start
  • Pre-set suspension geometry
  • Metal-gear transmission and sealed differentials
  • Center and rear dogbones
  • 15mm adjustable oil-filled shocks
  • Spektrum™ waterproof metal-gear servos
  • Includes Spektrum DX2E DSMR® transmitter
  • Includes Dynamite 1600mAh 6V NiMH receiver pack

Product Specifications

Type:Nitro Buggy


Length:19.6 in (497mm)

Width:12.1 in (308mm)

Height:7.1 in (180mm)

Ground Clearance:2.4 in (60mm)

Wheelbase:12.7 -12.9 in (323-327mm)

Weight:7.8 lb (3.5kg)

Chassis:4mm, 6061 T-6 Aluminum



Motor or Engine:.21 Dynamite

Radio:Spektrum DX2E 2-Channel


Batteries:Dynamite NiMH Battery 6V 1600mAh Reciever Pack 3+2 Hump

Gear Pitch:1.0Mod


Shock Type:16mm Big Bore Aluminum Oil Filled

Body:8IGHT Cab -Forward, Screened

Ball Bearings:Yes

Fuel Tank Capacity:125cc (4.2 Oz)

Experience Level:Intermediate

Recommended Environment:Outdoor

Is Assembly Required:No

Completion Guides

Needed to Complete

• 20–30% Nitromethane fuel
• Nitromethane-Approved Dispenser
• NiMH Charger
• Glow Igniter

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All Losi Vehicles have they own Manual book. If you need any parts for your RC, or help please e-mail us.

Happy Playing.

Viks Hobbies & Models.

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LOSI-LOSB-1/18 Mini-T Parts & Accessories.

LOSI-LOSB-1/18 Mini-T Parts & Accessories.

Find A list of Mini T Spare Parts .

LOSB0800         LSR1000 @7MHz FM Transmitter .

LOSB0801          MRX20 27MHz FM Receiver

LOSB0815           MS20DS Servo

LOSB0816           MS20DS Servo Gear SET

LOSB0826           MSC20RB Electronic Speed Control.  buy

LOSB1012            Mini-Baja Jump Ramps

LOSB1013            Track dots, Neon Orange (12).

LOSB1014             Main Chassis Set      buy

LOSB1016            Battery Box Set

LOSB1018            Front Bulkhead , Kickplate & Brace buy

LOSB1020           F/R Pivot Block Set.  buy

LOSB1022           F/R Shock Tower Set  buy

LOSB1024           F/R Suspension Arm Set  buy

LOSB1027           Spindle Carrier & Hub Set.

LOSB1029           Steering Set. buy

LOSB1031           Camber and Steering Link Set. buy

LOSB 1033          Servo Mount & Steering Pin Set.

LOSB 1035          Front Bumper & Motor Guard Set.  buy

LOSB1037           Front Axle & Pin Brace Set. buy

LOSB1041           Suspension Pin Bag.

LOSB1043          E-Clips Bag.

LOSB1045          Wheel Nuts & Drive Pins.

LOSB1047          Complete Screw Set

LOSB1048          Body Clips (10).

LOSB1049          Rod End Set (14)

LOSB1051           Ball Stud Set (10).  buy

LOSB1058          Transmission Case & Motor Plate Set.

LOSB1060          Transmission Ball Bearing Set (7)

LOSB1062          Transmission Shaft Set.

LOSB1064          Slipper Hardwear Set. buy

LOSB1066         Gear Bag.

LOSB1068         Spur Gear Bag.

LOSB1069         Pinion Gear Bag

LOSB1070         17T Pinion Gear

LOSB1071          Gear Cover& Body Post Set.

LOSB1073         Outdrive, Dogbone & Axle Set.

LOSB1085        LRS1000 Transmission Antenna.

LOSB1100        Ball Bearing Upgrade Set (Wheel+ hubs)

LOSB1105        Track Cones, neon orange.

LOSB1146        Front Wheels Narrow Yellow

LOSB1147        Front Wheel Narrow Chrome

LOSB1148       Front Wheel Narrow White.

LOSB1149       Front Wheel Narrow Copper.  buy

LOSB1155       Front Tires w/foam Narrow Rib.

LOSB1159       Rear Wheels Copper.

LOSB1174       Front Narrow Ribbed Mounted/glued Copper Wheel

LOSB1192      Rear Sand Paddle Mounted/Glued Copper Wheel.

LOSB1193      Rear Step Pin Mounted/Glued Copper Wheel.

LOSB1216       RX-280 Motor w/wires

LOSB1226       Servo Saver Set.

LOSB1240      CVD Set Mini T   Buy

LOSB1291       Front Shock Springs.

LOSB1292       Rear Shock Springs.

LOSB1293       Front Shock w/Spring, Assembled.

LOSB1294       Rear Shock w/Spring, Assembled.

LOSB1295       Front Shock Body Set.

LOSB1296      Rear Shock Body Set.

LOSB1297       Front Shock Shaft Set.

LOSB1298       Rear Shock Shaft Set

LOSB1299       Shock Rebuild Kit.

LOSB1300      Extended Body Mount Set.






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