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HPI No-117165 Venture Crawler Toyota FJ Cruiser. Colour- Sandstorm 1/10 Scale- 4WD Electric Crawler.

HPI FJ Cruiser.

The Venture FJ Cruiser is the ultimate adventure-ready scale RC trail truck. Developed from the ground up to be the most advanced and driver-friendly scaler truck available, the HPI Venture is ready for trail driving across mountains, streams and more. It’s the perfect trail companion for anyone from weekend ramblers to globe-trotting adventure heroes! 

The Venture combines a realistic front-motor position and formed steel chassis rails with a realistic suspension and drivetrain. The Venture chassis is finished with the fabulous look of the celebrated Toyota FJ Cruiser for a fantastic scale off-road experience only HPI can deliver! With a fully licensed replica body that includes front and rear bumpers, mirrors, functional roof rack and swing-away spare tire mount, the Venture brings total scale realism to crawler fans right out of the box. Underneath the body, the steel C-channel chassis rails support a front-mounted motor, transmission and servo, plus a central transfer case that sends power to telescoping driveshafts and solid axles with metal diff covers. Authentically scaled oil-filled shock absorbers and full-time locked differentials work with the realistically treaded tires for confident driving in all off-road situations.

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Viks Hobbies & Models

My Real Car is the FJ Cruiser. It does a great job at Crawling when we go 4W driving.

Have A great Day.

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HPI – No 115123 Baja 5R 1970 Ford Mustang Boss 302- 1/5 Scale. 2WD Gasoline Car (fuel).

1/5 Scale Baja 1970 Ford Mustang.

The first thing to hit anyone who watches a radio-controlled car in action is how it looks – how realistic it is, how big it is and how it drives – and in the case of the Baja 5R, it quite simply looks amazing! Its size and speed, combined with the sound of the engine and exhaust smoke, all combine for an experience you must see for yourself. We’ve taken the classic muscle car styling of the 1970 Ford Boss Mustang and made it 1/5 scale – turning the Baja chassis into an amazing model almost 1 yard/meter long! Matched with satin chrome vintage-style wheels, the overall look is absolutely stunning – this really is a case of “the bigger, the better”! 

Large-Scale Muscle Car Excitement!

The Baja 5R On-Road takes the HPI Baja concept to all-new places: right to the streets! With a lowered suspension designed purely for on-road action, the Baja 5R is the perfect way to enjoy large-scale fun while burning up the pavement! The iconic 1970 Ford Boss Mustang is the perfect fit for the rear-wheel drive large scale chassis, and the vintage 8-spoke wheels and Tarmac Buster tires are the ideal match for the Baja 5R’s classic muscle car looks! The suspension and drivetrain is based on the extremely tough off-road Baja 5B race buggy, so you know the on-road version will be super-tough in any situation, plus it will be very easy to find spares and upgrades. The Fuelie 23cc engine will give the Baja 5R wheelspinning power and enough top speed to make your pulse race! The Baja 5R On-Road: Baja-tough tarmac performance!

On-Road Baja Performance

Large-scale fans immediately took to the Baja line-up from HPI Racing when it was introduced, and RC hobbyists looking for something new and BIG have loved every version of the Baja since it was released. With the Baja 5R dedicated on-road version of our hugely popular Baja 5B off-road buggy, large scale RC fans have a whole new reason to love the Baja! A specialized set of suspension parts lowers the front and rear of the chassis to make it ideal for on-road driving, and the soft rubber of our realistic Tarmac Buster on-road tires enhance the handling and make driving the Baja 5R a total blast! 


  • Factory-assembled Ready-To-Run large scale gas-powered muscle car
  • Fitted with pre-painted officially licensed 1970 Ford Boss Mustang large scale body
  • Beadlock 8-spoke satin chrome wheels fitted with black heavy duty beadlock rims
  • Real rubber Tarmac Buster tires with retro styled tread pattern
  • Latest Heavy-Duty drivetrain option parts installed
  • 2.4GHz FHSS radio system with failsafe
  • New 4mm aluminum monocoque chassis with zero kick-up for optimal on-road performance
  • Powerful 23cc gasoline 2-stroke engine
  • Torx T27 engine screws
  • 700cc fuel tank provides 45 minutes of driving
  • High flow muffler
  • 8,000 RPM performance clutch
  • VVC/HD externally adjustable shock absorbers
  • All-new front and rear lowered shock mounts
  • All-new lowered front and rear hub carriers 
  • Extra-durable suspension derived from the Baja 5B, 5T and 5SC
  • Large dense foam bumper mounted to extra-thick bumper mount
  • All-new front, rear and side body mounts for enhanced body rigidity
  • Viscous torque differential
  • Enclosed radio box
  • External battery charging plug
  • Durable roll cage protects engine
  • Gunmetal anodizing for super-cool looks
  • Complete set of ball bearings
  • 100cc of 2-stroke oil included
  • 6V 3000mAh receiver pack and universal, multi-region wall charger included
  • 4 AA batteries for transmitter included.

#115123 Baja 5R 1970 Ford Mustang Boss 302

Pre-Assembled 1/5th scale 2WD on-road with Fuelie 23cc gasoline engine,
2.4GHz FHSS radio system, 3000mAh receiver pack and painted body.
Includes comprehensive instruction manual.

WHAT YOU NEED Pump Gasoline/Petrol and Fuel Can

INCLUDES:4 AA Batteries for Transmitter, 6.0V 3000mAh Receiver Pack, multi-region receiver pack charger and 100cc of 2-stroke oil.

Viks Hobbies & Models.

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HPI -No 112609 Savage XL Flux 1/8 Scale- 4WD Electric Monster Truck.

The Savage XL FLUX combines the awesome raw power of 6S LiPo brushless power with the stability of a long wheelbase in the legendary Savage HPI monster truck package! The colossally powerful FLUX 2200KV motor is ready for all the power you can run through it, and the FLUX 6S-capable electronic speed controller is fully capable of up to 22.2 volts of power to let you pull off giant stunts and jaw-dropping speed. The Savage XL FLUX is packed with options and ready to rock right out of the box! 

Crazy as FLUX Speed and Power
Easy plug-and-go convenience is the hallmark of electric RC trucks, and the Savage XL FLUX is no different. Just plug in two matching battery packs and you are off and running! The Flux 6S-capable speed controller can handle massive amounts of power, and you can fit standard 2S or 3S LiPo batteries, or our extra-long #106397 2S and #107222 3S LiPo batteries designed just for the Savage FLUX line of trucks! Want to break the speed limit with your monster truck? With the Savage XL FLUX, it’s super-easy! With 2 3S LiPo batteries and on-road tires like our #4729 or #4731 mounted Phaltlines you can hit 62 mph (100km/h) with the pull of a trigger!


Like all HPI trucks, the Savage XL FLUX is easy to drive with the included steering wheel controller – but it shouldn’t be handled by beginners! We recommend the Savage XL FLUX be driven only by RC hobbyists with plenty of experience and good reactions! With a pair of 7.4 or 11.1 volt batteries installed, the Savage XL FLUX gets up to insane speeds VERY quickly! Expect to get mud, rocks and dirt slung at you when you pull the trigger!


Once you get used to the power of the FLUX 2200Kv motor, you’ll be able to rip off huge stunts at your local skate park, achieve crazy fast top speeds in empty parking lots and throw up huge rooster tails of dirt! The power of the Savage XL FLUX cannot be denied! 


After over a decade of thrilling serious RC bashing performance, the HPI Savage has earned a reputation for being the toughest monster truck you can find. A pair of XL-Long 2.5mm thick aluminum Twin Vertical Plates (TVP) provide the backbone of the Savage, and a thick 7075 aluminum motor plate holds the super-powerful FLUX 2200Kv motor in place. The XL-Wide Savage suspension is ultra-tough, with super-thick webbed suspension arms and uprights built to handle gigantic jumps, rough landings, rolls and full-speed crashes. Super heavy-duty, bulletproof drivetrain parts like thick steel dogbones, all-metal transmission gears, sintered steel diff gears and metal diff cases make sure drivetrain can handle all the power of the XL-Powerful FLUX motor. Huge Big Bore dual-stage oil-filled shocks tame the roughest landings and terrain, giving you total control at all times! The Savage XL FLUX is simply the toughest electric monster truck you’ll ever find!



Length: 585mm
Width: 427mm
Height: 254mm
Wheelbase: 445mm
Suspension Travel: 152mm
Drivetrain: Full-Time 4WD


Factory-assembled & pre-painted electric-powered 4WD 1/8 scale electric-powered monster truck

2.4GHz radio system

2.5mm TVP (Twin Vertical Plate) chassis with XL-long wheelbase

HPI high torque steering servo

HPI FLUX 6S-capable brushless ESC

HPI FLUX 2200KV brushless motor

6S LiPo capability

Big Bore silicone oil-filled shocks 

All-metal bulletproof drivetrain

43-tooth steel spur gear

Super heavy-duty dogbones

Sintered diff gears

17mm hex hubs 

Shock towers have multiple shock mounting positions

Quick access to the front or rear differential by removing just 4 screws

Cam type servo saver

Twin vented battery boxes with locking battery box doors

Battery boxes fit specially designed HPI #106397 2S and #107222 3S batteries

All socket head hardware

Slipper clutch to protect drivetrain

Protected receiver box

3mm 7075 motor plate

Dual 8mm billet motor clamps

4-gear differentials

Aluminum front and rear suspension braces

Front and rear skid plate bumpers

Full set of ball bearings

Chrome Warlock wheels


2 matching LiPo batteries with Deans Plugs and at least 4000mAh capacity and 25C discharge

LiPo capable battery charger

Order your Items You Need. Battery & Charger.

Viks Hobbies & Models.

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HPI – No 115116 Jumpshot MT 1/10 Scale-2WD Electric Monster Truck


The Jumpshot MT is the all-new, fresh monster truck design from HPI Racing that takes RC off-road fun to new levels! Designed around the super-durable TVP (Twin Vertical Plate) design pioneered by the Savage monster truck, the Jumpshot MT is a strong and reliable truck, perfect for bashing around with your friends!

With features like a protected radio box, easy-access low mounted battery compartment, double-wishbone suspension and huge all-terrain tires, the Jumpshot MT is the perfect introduction to RC off-road fun with HPI Racing.

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Viks Hobbies Models.

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HPI- No.106173 Wheely King 1/12 Scale 4WD Electric Monster Truck


Fun 4×4 off-road action!

Gear up for intense off-road and car-crushing action with the Wheely King 4×4! The Wheely King 4X4 is a true-to-scale monster truck that features full-time 4WD for maximum traction that allows it to go anywhere. From car-crushing stadium monster truck action to rock crawling in the mountains, the Wheely King 4X4 can do it all. And of course, awesome wheelie action is available with a pull of the trigger!

With custom tuned weight distribution and a rear wheelie bar, easy controlled wheelies are part of the action every time you! Watch it drive long stretches with its wheels in the air and pop a wheelie out of every turn for wheelie good fun!

If wheelies arent your thing, all it takes is a few simple modifications to take your Wheely King 4X4 to the next level: rock crawling! With waterproof electrics you truly can take it anywhere!

The Wheely King 4X4 is great for the show-and-go crowd, too: fat chrome wheels hold 5.4 all-terrain Mud Thrasher monster truck tires, and the Twin Vertical Plate (TVP) chassis features a super cool tube design that looks just like the real monster trucks youve enjoyed watching! Front and rear solid axles feature pivot joints and a realistic looking multi-link monster truck suspension for easy driving and control!

Its not just about its good looks, however – the Wheely King 4X4 lives up to its name from the second you pull the trigger! With its strong 540-size motor and solid-axle 4WD drive train, the Wheely King 4X4 is a joy to drive around tight, twisty terrain or down the street! Finally, the 2.4GHz radio system and waterproof electronics let you confidently control the Wheely King in any kind of terrain or weather conditions!

The Wheely King 4×4 – able to take on anything from arena monster truck action to the rough and ready rocky roads of the High Sierra!

Pre-Assembled 1/12th scale electric 4WD truck with 2.4GHz radio system,
..27T Saturn motor, SC-15WP waterproof electronic speed control,
..SF-10W waterproof servo, battery pack, universal charger and painted GT-1 body.


Length: 431.8mm (17in)
Width: 297.2mm (11.7in)
Height: 254mm (10in)
Wheelbase: 238.8mm (9.4in)
Tyres: 135mm x 69mm (5in x 3in)
Suspension Travel: 152.4mm (6in)


Everything you need is included:
2000mAh battery
Universal charger
4 AA batteries

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HPI- No115126- RS4 Sport 3 2015 Ford Mustang Spec-5 1/10 Scale Electric Car

Ford Mustang

Introducing the brand new HPI Racing 2015 Ford Mustang RTR Spec 5 RS4 Sport 3! Bringing the awesomeness of Vaughn Gittin Jr’s RTR Spec 5 into your hands in 1/10th scale RC form, the latest RS4 Sport 3 kit is Ready to Rock your RC world! The super realistic Ford Mustang RTR Spec 5 body is coupled with a set of replica HRE Tech 7 wheels for over the top scale realism. Under the hood, this 1/10th scale Mustang is equipped with the latest HPI Racing Touring Car chassis, the RS4 Sport 3. With full time shaft driven 4WD, a fully sealed drivetrain, waterproof 2.4 GHz electronics/radio gear, fully independent double wishbone suspension and adjustable oil filled shocks it’s Ready to Rock in any condition.

To grab the attention of all RC and motorsport enthusiasts, this RS4 Sport 3 features the latest Ford Mustang styling, tuned and tweaked by drift champion Vaughn Gittin Jr. to become the awesome Ford Mustang RTR Spec 5. The car is also fitted with replica green RTR by HRE Tech 7 wheels wrapped with great-looking street tires, so it’s ready to hit the streets right out of the box!

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Viks Hobbies Models.

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R/C Cars Truck, Buggies – Order

R/C Cars Truck, Buggies

Order your RC now

List of some different RC Car Truck, Monster Trucks. , and Buggies.

The size of your RC- 1/12-1/18-1/10-1/8 and 1/5.

HPI are a good brand.

Item No.  HPI-115967.  HPI Savage XS Flux VGJR 4WD 1/12 Electric Monster Truck  

Item No 112609   .HPI Savage XL Flux 1/8 4WD Electric Monster Truck  

.HPI 116558 Venture Crawler Toyota FJ Cruiser Gunmetal 1/10 4WD Electric Crawler

Item No 117165. HPI Venture Crawler Toyota FJ Cruiser Sandstorm 1/10 4WD

HPI No115126 RS4 Sport 3 2015 Ford Mustang Spec-5 1/10 Scale Electric Car.

Item No 115116 HPI Jumpshot MT 1/10 2WD Electric Monster Truck

HPI- No.106173 Wheely King 1/12 Scale 4WD Electric Monster Truck

HPI No.115123 Baja 5R 1970 Ford Mustang Boss 302 1/5 Scale- 2WD Gasoline Car. (Petrol.)

Contact Us for more HPI Cars and prices.

Order Welcome.

Maverick RC.

Item No MV12810 Maverick Ion SC 1/18 4WD Electric Short Course Truck

Item No MV12614 Maverick Strada XT 1/10 Electric Truggy

Item No MV12622 Maverick Strada Red XT 1/10 4WD Electric Truggy.

Item No MV12613 Maverick Strada XB 1/10 Electric Buggy $270.00

Item No MV12809 Maverick Ion MT 1/18 4WD Electric Monster Truck  

Contact Us for more Maverick RC and Prices.

Orders Welcome.

Team Durango.

Item No TD102042 Team Durango DEX210V3 1/10 Scale 2WD off Road

Contact Us for More Team Durango RC’s and Prices.

Orders Welcome.Order Now.


Kyosho 33012T1 1/8 GP 4WD Inferno Neo 3.0 Readyset T1 Blue. Nitro Buggy.

KYO-30618 Kyosho 1/10 4WD EP Racing Buggy JAVELIN Kit

KYO-30831T4 Kyosho 1/10 EP 2WD EZ-B Readyset Sand Master Type 4   Buy Now

Contact Us for More Kyosho RC’S and prices.

Orders Welcome.

Team Associated.

Item No, ASS20502. MGT 8.0 Monster Truck RTR

Item No. ASS90001. RC10B5 Team Kit.
Item No ASS90012. RC10B6D Team Kit Clay/Dirt Hard + Loose
Item No ASS20155 MT28 Ready-To-Run
Item No ASS90022 RC10B6.1 Factory Lite Kit
Item No. ASS80935 RC8B3.1 Team Kit
Contact Us for More Team Associated RC’S and Prices.
Item No. FG164158R. Audi RS5 Peinte 2wd 530mm  RTR  $2520.00.
Item No FG54050. Beetle Off-Road Buggy 4wd 535mm clear $1350.00.
FG670060R. Fun Cross WB535mm Leopard Sportsline RTR . $2050.00
FG6010RC. Stadium Truck 2wd 1/6 scale . $1380.00.
Contact Us For More FG Modellsport RC’S
Item No. FTX-5548. Sidewinder 1/8 2WD Brushed Single RTR
Item No. FTX-5529. Banzai Drift, Brushed, w/battery & charger .
Item No. FTX-5530. Bugsta Brushed RTR 1/10 4WD  .


Viks Hobbies & Models
Mount Isa.
Happy Playing.
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HPI Savage XS Flux VGJR 4WD 1/12 Electric Monster Truck HPI-115967


Electric Monster Truck.

HPI Savage XS Flux VGJR 4WD 1/12 Electric Monster Truck

Item No HPI-115967


The Savage XS Flux gets an amazing new look with the awesome Vaughn Gittin Jr. Signature Edition!
Taking the cool geometric design from Vaughn’s drift competition livery, the Savage XS Flux adds massive jumps, backflips and more to Vaughn’s repertoire of high-angle drift attacks and awesome sideways action! Behind the fantastic new look, which includes bright green springs and wheels with HB Power Pin tires, the Savage XS retains the composite TVP (Twin Vertical Plate) chassis, 3S LiPo compatibility, waterproof electronics and super-durable drivetrain and suspension that have made the Savage XS Flux the toughest – and fastest! – mini-monster truck in the world!

The World’s Fastest Mini- monster Truck.

The Savage XS Flux packs in everything you know and love about the neck snapping, standing back flip.  Savage Flux! A ridiculously powerful Flux brushless powerplant to provide you with the most menacing speed runs, legendary Savage durability that passes the bashing exam with flying colours, innovative TVP technology for a class leading design, and extreme monster truck appearance and ground clearance to conquer it all.


The compact Savage XS Flux is just 2/3 the size of a standard Savage FLUX XP, so it’s the perfect size for backyard tracks and smaller areas. The Savage XS Flux is built tough with an all-metal drivetrain so it can handle giant jumps and speeds over 65mph! The 4WD system provides excellent traction on any off-road or on-road surface you can throw at it. And it’s all built with legendary Savage toughness so you spend more time driving and less time wrenching.

Ready To Run.

The Savage XS Flux is ready to go right out of the box, including a 2.4GHz radio system , 3S-capable Flux brushless system.

Items  Needed.

Li-Po battery pack like the HPI Plazma 7.4V or 11.1V batteries and start driving!


Charger. To charge your Battery.

Buy Now