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GFORCE- Flexible Propeller Mount. High Quality RC Accessories.

GF-3000-001 Flexible Propeller Mount 8mm for 02mm Shaft. 1pcs.

GF-3000-002 Flexible Propeller Mount 8mm for 02.3mm Shaft 1pcs.

GF-3000-003 Flexible Propeller Mount 8mm for 03mm Shaft. 1pcs.

GF-3000-004 Flexible Propeller Mount 8mm for 03.2mm Shaft. 1pcs.

GF-3000-005 Flexible Propeller Mount 9.6mm for 02.3mm Shaft. 1pcs.

GF-3000-006 Flexible Propeller Mount 9.6mm for o3mm Shaft 1pcs.

GF3000-007 Flexible Propeller Mount 9.6mm for 03.2mm Shaft. 1pcs.

GF3000-008 Flexible Propeller Mount 9.6mm for 04mm Shaft 1pcs.

GF-3000-009 Flexible Propeller Mount 5.5mm for 02mm Shaft. 1pcs.

GF-3000-010 Flexible Propeller Mount 5.5mm for 03mm Shaft. 1 Pcs.

Gf-3000-11 Flexible Propeller Mount 5.5mm for 04mm Shaft. 1pcs.

For more GFORCE RC Accessories.

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GFORCE- Coupling Insert. High Quality RC Accessories.

GF4002-001 Coupling Centre Unit 1pcs.

Gf-4003-001 Double Convertor 1pcs.

GF-4004-001 Coupling Insert for 02mm Shaft 1pcs.

GF-4004-002 Coupling Insert for 02.3mm Shaft 1pcs.

GF4004-003 Coupling Insert for 03mm Shaft 1 pcs.

GF-4004-004 Coupling Insert for 03.2mm Shaft 1 pcs.

GF-4004-005 Coupling Insert for 04mm Shaft 1pcs.

GF-4004-006 Coupling Insert for 04mm Shaft 1pcs.

GF-4004-007 Coupling Insert for – 06mmShaft 1pcs.

GF-4004-008 Coupling Insert w/1/4-28UNF Thread 1pcs.

GF-4004-009 Coupling Insert w/M3x0.5 Thread 1pcs

GF-4004-010 Coupling Insert w/ M4x0.7 Thread. 1pcs.

GF-4004-011 Coupling insert w/M5x0.8 Thread. 1pcs.

GF-4004-012 Coupling insert w/M6x1.0 Thread. 1pcs.

Find more GFORCE Products.

GFORCE Coupling

Viks Hobbies & Models


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GFORCE High Quality RC Accessories. Ball Links.

Aluminium Ball Links. 2 Pieces.

Ball Link

GF-2140-001 Ball Link M2 Small 2pcs.

GF-2140-002 Ball link M2 Large 2pcs..

GF2141-001 Ball Link Small M2-M2 Short 2pcs.

GF-214002 Ball Link Small M2 Long 2pcs.

GF-2142-001 Ball Link Medium M2-M2 2pcs.

GF-2142-002 Ball Link Medium M2-M2 Short. 2pcs.

GF2142-003 Ball Link Medium M2-M2 Long. 2pcs.

Ball Link

GF-2143-001 Ball Link Medium M2.5-M2. 2pcs.

GF-2143-002 Ball Link Medium M2.5-M2 Short 2pcs.

GF-2143-003 Ball link Medium M2.5. 2pcs.

GF-2144-001 Ball Link Large M3-M3 Short. 2pcs.

GF-2144-002 Ball Link Large M3-M3 Long. 2pcs.

GF-2145-001 Ball Link Large M3-M3 Short. 2pcs.

GF-2145-002 Ball Link Large M3-M3 Long. 2pcs.

Aluminium Ball Links

GF-2146-001 Aluminium Ball Links M2. 2 Pcs.

GF-2146-002 Aluminium Ball Link M2.5. 2pcs.

GF-2146-003 Aluminium Ball link.M3. 2pcs.

GF-2146-004 Aluminium Ball Link M4 2pcs.

Need other sizers. ask us if we can get them.

E-Mail or leave a comment to find out more.


Have a great Day.

Viks Hobbies & Models.

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GForce-RC Asseccories. Threaded Coupler

High Quality Accessories.

GF-2103-002 Aluminium Threaded Coupler M2.5 for carbon Tube 03mm.

GF-2103-003 Aluminium Threaded Coupler M2 for Carbon Tube 0.6mm.

GF-2103-004 Aluminium Threaded Coupler M2.5 for carbon Tube 04mm.

GF-2103-006 Aluminium Threaded Coupler M2 for Carbon Tube 05mm.

GF-2103-007 Aluminium Threaded Coupler M2.5 for Carbon Tube 05mm.

GF-2103-008 Aluminium Threaded Coupler M3 for Carbon Tube 0.5mm

GF-2103-009 Aluminium Threaded Coupler M2 for carbon Tube 06mm

GF-2103-010 Aluminium Threaded Coupler M2.5 for Carbon Tube 0.6mm.

GF-2103-011 Aluminium Threaded Coupler M3 for Carbon Tube 06mm.

Looking for different sizer.

Ask us if we can get them.

Please leave a comment to find out more about GFORCE products.

Have a nice day Viks Hobbies & Models.


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River Hobby VRX Racing RC. Spare Parts.

River Hobby  company has two world-renowned brands:  RIVER HOBBY and VRX RACING. There products are sold to most parts of China, European and American countries. Innovative design, international standards of quality, healthy and with reasonable pricing.

River Hobby  model factory which design and product the most popular RC model cars including 1/5, 1/8, 1/10,1/18 scale.

Spare Pare for RC . River Hobby and VRX Models. RC

River Hobby Spare Parts that are in stock.

RH 0029  Brushed Motor.

RH 10114 Steering Knuckle.

RH 10115 Uprights Price $8.00

RH 10116 Front CVD

RH 10133 Centre Coupler

RH 10141     Front Upper Suspension  Arm. 

RH 10166 Central DogBone

RH 10167 Air Filter Out of Stock.

RH 10180 Two Speed Clutch Set.   Out of Stock.

RH 10182 50T Two Speed Gear

RH 10183 45T Two Speed Gear.

RH 110917 Alloy Front Knuckle. Out of Stock.

RH 10194 Spur Gear 65T.

RH 10230  Hinge Pins.

RH 10247    Flat Head Hex (Screws).

RH10251  Flat Head Hex (Screws).

RH 10312 Rear Lower Suspension 

RH10472  70T Spur Gear 1Pc (brushed) (FTX-8439).  Out Of Stock

RH 10484  70T Spur Gear Brushless.  Out Of Stock

RH 10716 Spur Gear Cover Set  Out Of Stock 

RH 85047 Air filter Assembly 1/8  Out Of Stock.

RH 85048  Air Filter Sponge 1/8  Out Of Stock.

RH 85093    3mm Locknut  Out of Stock.

RH 85255 14T Pinion

RH 85262 Brushless Motor 

If you are looking For RC  Spare Parts for A River Hobby RC or A VRX RC, leave a message in the comment Box with the product number, and we will get back to you.

E-Mail Us.

Get your car manual with a list of parts. River Hobby for all your Model RC Cars, Buggies Truck.

Have a great day.

Viks Hobbies & Models

Mount Isa.

We are here to help please leave a comment below.

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RC Aircraft Accessories- Propellers, Blades, Spinners, Flight Simulation Cords

RC Aircraft Accessories. Propellers Blades  Spinners. Flight Simulation Cords.

Model Names -Phoenix, Prolux, Parkzone, Graupner, Q-Max, XK spare parts, Ares, FMS.

All sizes. Click for Bigger Propellers

List Below is only some of the propellers available.

If you can not see what you are looking foe Contact Us


FMS 3 blades. 0.8m T28 PA106.

Ares Small Blades. AZSH1618.

Ares Small Blades AZSH1619.

Aries Propeller/Rotor Blade Set  AZSZ2518


Phoenix Model Accessories Alummum Spinner 59mm SUL01.

Phoenix Models Accessories Alummum Spinner 63mm SPA02.

Phoenix, RTMAFUTSQ – Phoenix Futaba Square Micro Adapter.

Phoenix Model Accessories- Iem No 68215 Nylon Bolts.

Parkzone  Blades..

Phoenix Flight Simulation RTMAFUTRND Phoenix Futaba/Hitec Rd Adapte.

Phoenix Models Item No 42010. Pull-Pull System.

Dave Brown Products VDSB-1030. Motor Mounts.

Eagle Hobby Products-481000- Charge Cord 7.2v



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LOSI-LOSB-1/18 Mini-T Parts & Accessories.

LOSI-LOSB-1/18 Mini-T Parts & Accessories.

Find A list of Mini T Spare Parts .

LOSB0800         LSR1000 @7MHz FM Transmitter .

LOSB0801          MRX20 27MHz FM Receiver

LOSB0815           MS20DS Servo

LOSB0816           MS20DS Servo Gear SET

LOSB0826           MSC20RB Electronic Speed Control.  buy

LOSB1012            Mini-Baja Jump Ramps

LOSB1013            Track dots, Neon Orange (12).

LOSB1014             Main Chassis Set      buy

LOSB1016            Battery Box Set

LOSB1018            Front Bulkhead , Kickplate & Brace buy

LOSB1020           F/R Pivot Block Set.  buy

LOSB1022           F/R Shock Tower Set  buy

LOSB1024           F/R Suspension Arm Set  buy

LOSB1027           Spindle Carrier & Hub Set.

LOSB1029           Steering Set. buy

LOSB1031           Camber and Steering Link Set. buy

LOSB 1033          Servo Mount & Steering Pin Set.

LOSB 1035          Front Bumper & Motor Guard Set.  buy

LOSB1037           Front Axle & Pin Brace Set. buy

LOSB1041           Suspension Pin Bag.

LOSB1043          E-Clips Bag.

LOSB1045          Wheel Nuts & Drive Pins.

LOSB1047          Complete Screw Set

LOSB1048          Body Clips (10).

LOSB1049          Rod End Set (14)

LOSB1051           Ball Stud Set (10).  buy

LOSB1058          Transmission Case & Motor Plate Set.

LOSB1060          Transmission Ball Bearing Set (7)

LOSB1062          Transmission Shaft Set.

LOSB1064          Slipper Hardwear Set. buy

LOSB1066         Gear Bag.

LOSB1068         Spur Gear Bag.

LOSB1069         Pinion Gear Bag

LOSB1070         17T Pinion Gear

LOSB1071          Gear Cover& Body Post Set.

LOSB1073         Outdrive, Dogbone & Axle Set.

LOSB1085        LRS1000 Transmission Antenna.

LOSB1100        Ball Bearing Upgrade Set (Wheel+ hubs)

LOSB1105        Track Cones, neon orange.

LOSB1146        Front Wheels Narrow Yellow

LOSB1147        Front Wheel Narrow Chrome

LOSB1148       Front Wheel Narrow White.

LOSB1149       Front Wheel Narrow Copper.  buy

LOSB1155       Front Tires w/foam Narrow Rib.

LOSB1159       Rear Wheels Copper.

LOSB1174       Front Narrow Ribbed Mounted/glued Copper Wheel

LOSB1192      Rear Sand Paddle Mounted/Glued Copper Wheel.

LOSB1193      Rear Step Pin Mounted/Glued Copper Wheel.

LOSB1216       RX-280 Motor w/wires

LOSB1226       Servo Saver Set.

LOSB1240      CVD Set Mini T   Buy

LOSB1291       Front Shock Springs.

LOSB1292       Rear Shock Springs.

LOSB1293       Front Shock w/Spring, Assembled.

LOSB1294       Rear Shock w/Spring, Assembled.

LOSB1295       Front Shock Body Set.

LOSB1296      Rear Shock Body Set.

LOSB1297       Front Shock Shaft Set.

LOSB1298       Rear Shock Shaft Set

LOSB1299       Shock Rebuild Kit.

LOSB1300      Extended Body Mount Set.






Looking for losi Spare parts . E-Mail Us .

List of item above are in stock.

Have a great day.

Viks Hobbies & Models.

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Helicopter Spare Parts.

List of JR  Twister Helicopter Spare Parts, E-Sky, Medevac,  Helicopters Spare Parts.

Buy 2 and get the third one  free.

List off spare parts that are in stock.

JR- Twister  Helicopters Spare Parts.

6601359– Twister CP Gold Wood Main Blades             $13.50

6602010–3D Symmetrical wood main blades               $16.00

6600447-Twister 3D Storm Carbon Main Rotor/B      $55.00

6601670-Twister Mede vac/Hawk Rotor hub+links     $9.00

6602348- Twister 3D Storm under carriage                   $4.90

6602368- Twister 3D Storm Main Gear +bearing        $12.90

6601371-Twister CP Gold Alum Tail Boom                    $9.90

660216-Twister 3D Storm Auto Rotation Bearing       $7.50

6602404- Twister Storm Spindle O-Ring + Washer   $4.50

6600455- Twister 3D upgrade Main Rotor Grip          $52.00

6602392-Twister 3D Storm M/Rotor Spindle Shaft    $5.90

6602147- Twister 3D Main Shaft                                      $8.00

6602402-Twister 3D Storm Flybar Centre Hub            $4.20

6602330- Twister 3D Storm Linkage Rods                    $5.60

6601913- Twister Skylift Front Wheel Set                      $6.90

6602160- Twister 3D Tail Rotor Blades                          $8.00

6602166- Twister 3D Tail Rotor Drive Shaft                  $6.20

6600460-Twister 3D Upgrade Swashplate set               $41.50

6602155-Twister 3D Flybar                                                $8.30

6601383-Twister CP Gold Tail Blade Control arm        $4.50

6600470- Twister 3D Upgrade Washout shaft               $44.20

6602707-Twister Police Hilcam inner Shaft Set             $12.90

6602338-Twister 3D Storm Horizontal fin mount         $2.50

6602157-Twister 3D stab fin+Boom Supt Clamp S         $8.30

6602340- Twister 3D Storm Tail Drive Belt Pully           $3.30

6602161-Twister 3D Tail Pitch Control Arm                     $9.90

6601320- Twister CP Gold swashplate to Flybar link     $6.60

6602145-Twister 3D Tail Boom                                           $14.40

6602394-Twister 3D storm Flybar Control Set                 $6.10

6602332-Twister 3D Storm Ball Head Screw                     $6.30

6602165- Twister 3D Canopy Set                                          $13.90

T4-008- Twister Upper Rotor head assembly                    $8.40

6600465-Twister 3D Upgrade Rotor Hub Set                    $49.90

6601913- Twister Skylift Front Wheel Set                            $6.90

661250-Twister CP Main Shaft+Drive Gear set                  $8.90

6602380-Twister 3D Storm Washout Unit Link Set         $4.80

6602344-Twister3D Storm Swashplate Guide                   $2.90

6602360-Twister 3D storm Tai rotor Hub                          $4.40

6602169- Twister 3D Drive Gear set                                     $12.00

6602384- Twister 3D Storm Boom Support set                  $4.90

6601270-Twister CP Cabin set Assembled/Decal                $19.50

6602182-Twister 3D Tail Clamps+Servo  Mount                 $8.20

6602187-Twister 3D Bevel Gear Set                                         $7.00

6602382-Twister 3D Storm Washout Links                           $2.60

6601370-Twister CP Gold landing Skid                                   $6.50

6602300-Twister 3D Storm Flybar Collar                              $2.60

6602179-Twister 3D Double Ended Mixer Links                  $5.90

6601802-Twister Medevac Belt Support                                 $5.30

6602386-Twister 3D Storm Flybar Paddles                           $3.40

6602151-Twister 3D Main Blade Grip Set                               $8.30

6601377-Twister CP Gold Vertical Fin                                     $4.00

6602336-Twister 3D Storm Ball Link ends                            $6.00

6602144-Twister 3D Main Drive Gear/Auto Rotation         $17.20

6602169-Twister 3D Main Gear/Pinion Gear Set                  $11.90

6602320-Twister 3D Storm Tail Rotor Blade                         $3.40

6605810-Twister Mini Cam Rotor Blade Set                          $7.50

6602172-Twister 3D Landing Skids                                          $11.90

6602410-Twister 3D Storm T/rotor Slide ring Ass                $6.20

6602172- Twister 3D Landing Skid Set                                     $11.90

6602410-Twister 3D Storm T/Rotor Slide Ring                     $6.20

6602366-Twister 3D Storm Landing Skid+end caps             $6.50

6602171-Twister 3D Tail Boom Support Set                            $4.20

6602147-Twister 3D Main Shaft                                                 $8.00

6602354-Twister 3D Storm Tail Pitch Control Arm               $4.50

6602424-Twister 3D Storm Main Gear                                    $5.50

6602163-Twister 3D Tail Output Gear Set                               $9.90

6602376-Twister 3D Storm Main Shaft                                    $6.50

6602140-Twister 3D Main Drive Gear                                       $6.40

6602161-Twister 3D Tail Pitch Control Set                                $9.90

6602412-Twister 3D Storm Tail Rotor Output Shaft               $6.60

6602185-Twister 3D Pinion For Brushless motor                     $5.80

6602312-Twister 3D Storm Tail Servo Mount                            $2.50

6605966- Twister Tail Rotor Blade /Screw                                  $2.50

6605825- Twister- Mini twister Flybar Assembly                       $2.00

6602308- Twister 3D Storm Tail Boom                                        $5.00

6600361- Twister/EnErG7.5G Servo Gear Set                             $5.00




E-Sky Spare Parts.

EK1-0005– 180 Motor w/8T 0.5MPinion (C)A           $18.00

EK5-0210- Collet Set                                                          $14.00

000286- Inner Shaft A                                                       $6.90

EK1-0638- Main Shaft Set                                                 $12.90

000336- Main Blade Clamp Set                                       $10.50

000283- Plastic Blade A                                                    $9.90

000648-  Inner Shaft A                                                     $8.90

EK1-0516- Bell Control arm set                                       $15.60

EK1-0574- Landing Shaft                                                 $5.50

EK1-318- Inner Shaft B                                                     $9.90

000649- Inner Shaft B                                                      $7.90

EK1-0575-   Battery Holder                                              $5.50

EK5-0207–Central Holder                                              $16.70

EK1-0518- Flybar case set                                                $12.80

EK1-0585- Front Wheel Drive Set                                  $4.90

000650- (EK1-0364 Main blade grip set                      $7.90

EK1-0324- Bearing Collet Set                                          $9.90

EK1-0319- Swash plate set                                               $9.90

EK1-0005A-  180 Motor w/8T                                         $16.90

EK1-0321- Gear Shaft Set A                                              $11.90

000361- Feathering Shaft                                                 $7.90

000839- Plastic Blade B                                                    $9.90

000659-  Stabilizer                                                             $9.90

000283- Plastic Blade A                                                   $9.90

EK5-0206- lama Central Holder                                     $12.30

EK1-0303- Main Gear Set                                                 $11.90

EK1-0504- Main Blade Sustain Set                                 $5.50

000284-   Plastic Blade b                                                  $9.90

000661-  Canopy Shoring                                                 $2.90

EK2-0123-  Crystal      36.330                                           $10.00

EK5-0209–Swashplate                                                      $25.00

EK1-0317–Main Blade Grip Set                                        $9.90

000647- Plastic Blade A                                                      $9.90

EK2-0125- Crystal 36.350                                                 $10.00

Ek2-0121-  Crystal  36.310                                                 $10.00

EK1-0524- Linkage Rod Set                                               $6.90

000653- Swashplate set                                                      $8.90

EK1-0586   Battery Holder for E035                                 $3.90

EK1- 0315-  Inner Shaft A                                                      $6.90

EK1-0520- Control Arm Set                                                   $16.20

EK1-0503- Belt                                                                          $12.60

Ek1-0519- Flybar Paddle controlling set                               $10.50

000692- Push Rod Fixed Bush                                                $3.80

Ek1-0529-   Tail Blade Controlling set                                    $9.90.

EK1-0535- Tail Boom Set                                                          $7.50

EK1-0533- E-SKY- Tail Servo Control Push Rod Set           $5.00


Above is a list of Helicopter Spare Parts we have in stock.

Buy 2 and get one Free. Contact Us (for this special.)

SMS 0413636328 .

We Have More Helicopter Spare Parts Available.

Have a great day.









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JR PROPO-RS77S-Auto Scan Synthesizer SPCM 7 ch Receiver-36MHz


Item No RS77S-Auto Scan Synthesizer SPCM 7 Ch Receiver.

36MHz Synthesizer System.

SPCM 7ch Receiver.

Available for PCM transmitter (SPCM mode)

Auto Scan System.

Measurement– 15x25x47mm



Change frequencies at the push of a button.

ABC&W Interference Protection System.

PCM digital modulation.

Small, light to fit in a wide variety of models.

Highly sensitive for great range.

Glitch-free PCM performance.