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Spektrum-DX6e -Channel 2.4GHz DSMX-Radio System.

Spektrum-DX6e  Radio Hand Set.

DX6e 6CH System w/ AR610 Receiver

Channel 2.4GHz DSMX-Radio System.

Airplane, Helicopter, Sailplane and Multirotor Programming
The DX6e comes equipped with the programming you need to fly almost anything. And because it’s based on the same Spektrum AirWare software used in most other Spektrum transmitters, you can share model setups with just about any Spektrum user you meet.

250-model memory.

Built-In Telemetry.

Patent-pending gimbal design with spring configuration switch.

Wireless trainer link.

7 airplane wing types and 6 tail types

2 swashplate types

4 sailplane wing types and 3 tail types

Multirotor flight mode setup.

7-point throttle curves for airplanes and helicopters.

7-point pitch and tail curves for helicopters.

Cross-platform model sharing with other Spektrum transmitters.

4 AA batteries included.

EN328 compatible.

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Other models.


From its premium construction and comfortable ergonomics to its powerful programming features, the DX20 delivers a pro-class flying experience that is second to none. Features include 20 fully-proportional channels, voice alerts, built-in telemetry, a wireless trainer function, four model types and more

DX18 Gen 2

The Spektrum™ DX18 offers the most impressive suite of features ever made available in a handheld transmitter. These include 18 fully-proportional channels, voice alerts, built-in telemetry, a wireless trainer function, three model types and more.


The Spektrum™ iX12 radio is an intelligent 12-channel transmitter matched with a powerful combination of features and next-level connectivity. Ground breaking yet comfortably familiar, RC pilots of all aircraft types can use the all-new iX12 to out fly everything in its class.


Upgrading to the DX8e gives you more than conceivable in an 8-channel computer radio.  Four model types, 250+-model memory, built-in telemetry and more. It’s the ultimate transmitter for any pilot with a growing aircraft flee.

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Spektrum-Receiver AR610-DSMX-6 Ch.

AR610-DSMX-6 Channel Sport Aircraft

Full-range DSMX® receiver.

Antenna is amplified for greater signal clarity.

Flight log and telemetry compatible.

2048 resolution.

6 Channel sport aircraft receiver for park flyers to .90 sized sport planes..

How Does DSMX Work?

It’s a crowded 2.4GHz world out there and every 2.4GHz system faces the same challenges. DSMX better equips you for these challenges by combining the superior data capacity and interference resistance of a wideband signal (like that used in DSM2) with the agility of frequency shifts. Compared to the wideband signal of DSMX, the narrow band signal of other frequency hopping 2.4 transmitters is more likely to suffer data loss in the event of on-channel interference. Think of it as a river vs. a stream. It takes more interference to dam a river than it does a stream. As more and more 2.4 transmitters vie for the same number of available channels, there is more interference and more of a risk for data loss. By adding the agility of frequency shifts to the superior interference resistance of a wideband signal, DSMX is far less likely to suffer significant data loss from on-channel interference. The result is quicker connection times and superior response in even the most crowded 2.4GHz environment. DSMX

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Spektrum DX9 Black Edition Transmitter Only, Mode 1

Spektrum DX9 Black Edition Transmitter Only, Mode 1

Product Information

Black To The Future – The New Spektrum DX9

The DX9 is now available in this special Black Edition. This radio comes with the most advanced voice alert system available in a handheld radio. This system comes equipped with a built-in telemetry feature (similar to the new Spektrum DX18) that calls out telemetry stats, voltage and temp values, in addition to other important in-flight information; all on demand. You can have the DX9 call out specific telemetry values that meet or exceed limits you define. You can also have this RC transmitter call out of a sequence of telemetry values on demand with the flip of a switch. If you want to review this telemetry data after your flight, the DX9 can record the data to its SD card. The DX9 raises the bar when it comes to telemetry; you will never have to take your eyes off your model. To access this telemetry feature, you will require a telemetry module (TM1000) and Spektrum receivers in your aircraft. With over 300 words, numbers and phrases in this system, this feature alone puts the DX9 in a league of its own. The DX9 comes out of the box with English voice alerts. Other languages are available for download.

As you can see, this Spektrum transmitter also has wireless “buddy box” technology.  If you are an instructor or trainee, you can now connect to another DSM2 or DSMX transmitter without the need for a trainer cord. With Spektrum’s Model Match technology, you also can relink your DX9 to this other transmitter without repeating the binding process. Additionally, the DX9 radio comes with 250 model memory. Navigating through these memory slots is a straightforward process; the DX9 will only show the slots with model settings saved to them.

Another innovation is the ability to program the next generation of Spektrum components directly through the DX9 (this requires Spektrum’s Air Ware software, Version 2.0 or higher). This forward programming capability, combined with regular Air Ware updates, ensures that your DX9 will remain at the leading-edge of RC innovations. The DX9 is a major development in RC radio technology and an outstanding choice for RC pilots. Order yours today.


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