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Puppies For Sale. Mount Isa. 6 weeks old.

Puppies for sale.

3 Girls and 3 Boys.

5 of them are black, 3 of them have white markings, the other 2 have a tiny bit of white, mostly black.

One pup has brown colours, he is easy to identify.

They are so beautiful, it is going to be hard to see them go to there forever home. 14th December. 2021.

These pups have not been allowed outside. I have them inside up the hall way.

Every morning they are waiting for us to come out of our bed room.

Six little pups all wanting a pat, and feed.

So we could identify them we have numbered them.

Last night was there 6 week worming.

Took a picture of each pup before worming him or her.

Here is number 1.

He is the biggest pup. at birth he was 250g.

At six weeks he is 2050g.

He has thick curly black hair, with white markings.

No 1. pup.

No 2 Pup.

She is mostly black with White on chest and back feet. has a brown mark on her bottom lip.

Weight at birth was 205g.

Six weeks old weight is 1475g.

She has thick straight black hair. beautiful face.

No 2 pup.

No 3 .

He is the different colour pup. Easy to identify.

He is Black, brown, tan and white. Has a white mark on the tip of his tail.

At birth he was the smallest. 170g.

6 weeks weight is 1490g.

His hair is thick and straight.

No 3 Pup.

No 4.

She is black, with a thin white strip on chest, White back feet, white mark on her bottom lip.

Her weight at birth was 171g.

6 Weeks weight 1380g.

Her hair is thick and straight.

No 4. pup.

No 5

She is mostly black, has a thin white mark on chest.

Her weight a birth was 171g.

6 weeks weight 1630g.

Her hair is straight.

No 5 Pup.

He is also mostly Black, has a very tiny bit of white on his chest.

Weight a birth 205g.

6 weeks weight 1510.

His hair is curly.

No 6 pup.

All the pups will be wormed , microchip and vaccinated on the 14th December.

They will be ready for there forever homes.

These pups are very adorable.

Very smart dogs, intelligent, friendly, loveable and great companion dogs.

I take my 2 dogs on holidays with us.

All round great dogs.

If you are interested in buy one of these pups. email me.

Have a great day.


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Puppies For Sale Mount Isa. Here they are at 4 Weeks Old.

Puppies for sale, 5 are black with different white markings,

White on chest, white on back feet, mark on bottom of lip.

Only one has black, brown, Tan and white Markings. A boy that was the last born, and smallest pup.

They are all so beautiful. The Pups are so lovable, and Gorgeous.

They have been wormed at 2 weeks and 4 weeks so far.

At two weeks old they opened there eyes, by 3-4 week they we moving about more. At 4 weeks they can get around fast. Introduce them to milk and food at 3-4 weeks. Boy what a mess they make.

Mum and dad with the pups.

The pups are a Poodle Cross.

Has Schnauzer, Cavalier King Charles and Poodle;

Mother and Father.

Mums is a Schnoodle, she has the face and hair of a Schnauzer. And brains. Smart Dog.


She is very friendly, Lovable, Adorable, Intelligent beautiful pet dog to own, that is why we breed her.

I do have a Breeders Licence.

The dogs have thick curly hair, Are so soft. As they get older, they will need trimming.

They do not lose hair, unless you combed it.

Here is buster. the dad. He is a Cavoodle. Black and White. He holds that tail up all the time.

You have to Trim his thick soft coat in the hotter months. It goes curly like a poodle.

He is very lovable dog, loves being near you all the time. Sitting on your lap to get pats. Yes he sleep with me, lays across my legs. He lets me know it is time to get up.

Yes he is Adorable, Intelligent beautiful pet dog to own. Weight around 10kg. High around foot.

My two dogs come every where with us. When we go on holiday we put them in doggy day care, so we can do things where dogs are not allowed.

Pictures of the pups 4 weeks old.

Second worming. We have numbered the pups for identification.

No 1. A Boy

He is a big boy Weight at 4 weeks. 1378g.

No 2 A girl.

Iam black, White Mark on chest , White back feet. 1010g at 4 weeks.

No 3 A boy.

Black, Brown, tan and white. Smallest Pup. 848g at 4 weeks.

No 4. I am a Girl.

White mark on chest. white back feet. mark on bottom lip. 910g at 4 weeks

No 5. I am a girl.

White mark on chest, mark on bottom lip. 959g at 4 weeks.

No 6. I am a Boy.

I am black, Small white mark on chest. 4 weeks 1050.

All the pups look the same, they will be wormed, microchipped and vaccinated at 8 weeks old.

Ready for there for ever home around 14 th december.

What a beautiful Christmas present, These dogs are great companion dogs, they give out a lot of love.

If you are interested, please leave a comment.

Or e-mail me at

Have a Great day.


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Puppies 4 Sale. 2 weeks old eye are open.

Eyes are open

Pups will be ready for there forever home 14 th December 2021.

All pups will be wormed from two weeks, every two weeks.

At eight weeks they will have there needle and be microchip.

I have a supply Number. (breeders no).

Contact Me for more information about buying one of these beautiful pups.

This pup is no 2.

Black is it main colour. Has white mark on belly, white back feet. Brown mark on the bottom of her lip.


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Schnoodle Puppies X for Sale. Oct 2021.

Chantelle is a Schnoodle dog. Very Intelligent , and a great companion.

My baby girl Chantelle is due to have puppies middle of October 2021. This will be her second litter.

She was a very good mummy to her first litter, of four pups.

Chantelle did all the work. I watched her, just incase she needed my help.

Chantelle with her 4 babies. about four weeks.

I Love my dog.

Chantelle is always around me, she is very protective of me , Chantelle lets me know when someone comes over.

No one comes in my yard, with out her telling me.

She is very intelligent, comes and hits me, when the postman comes. Always tries to talk to me, She is very delightful dog, to have as a companion. She is a all round beautiful dog. Put a smile on your face.

Loves her baths. She only eats certain foods. Loves to go in the car for drives.

When we go on holidays, we put her into doggy day care for the day, so we can go places were dogs are not allowed.

Her hair is light and thin, needs cutting a little bit in the summer months.

Chantelle hates me cutting the hair around her feet, most dogs do any way.

Her hair does not fall out every. Chantelle loves the attention you give her, love a brush and cuddle.

My baby girl is a really beautiful girl. Well behaved.

Chantelle her babies first day.

Chantelle on a camping trip with us.

Father of the puppies name is Buster, he is a Cavoodle.

He has the hair like a poodle, curly. Black and white. He is a beautiful dog. Smart.

If you are interested in the puppies email me.

Or leave a comment.

Watch this space for updates about the puppies.

Chantelle only has one week to go, before her puppies come.

Have a great day.