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Glaze Firing Gas Kiln. Second Shelf 5 Pieces of Pottery.

In this firing there was only five pieces of pottery.

The kiln shelf before firing .

The pottery plate below.

This plate had stain colours mixed with a base glaze. Some colours burnt out.

I should of put a clear glaze over the top of the colours. To run your fingers over the colours on the plate, it is  very rough.

Out side was a blue glaze painted on. the kiln was to hot the glaze burnt off in places.

Great test plate. With what the colours did.

Nice colours over all.

Retile blue. glaze.

The two pictures below is rutile blue glaze , love the different colours this glaze shows.. It is all to do with the different way you apply the glaze. Retile Recipe I use.

In the last picture the kiln was to hot on one side, that is when the brown colour comes out.

Pottery- Glaze- Rutile Blue.-Cone 9-10 In this picture below, the kiln was to hot on one side, that is when the brown colour comes out in the rutile blue glaze.

This bowl, with the dragon fly, is a transfer picture in the middle . Clear glaze over the top.

Outside Tenmoku glaze, the colour did burn out a bit. Nice bowl. The bowl is patchy colour. It is nice.

The pot below , This planter had a green glaze and a blue glaze. One side was good, to hot for other side the glaze burnt off. The pot it self is very rough.

This is my master piece. I made it by joining three small pots together. It has a lot of different colour glazer painted on. On some parts of the pot the glaze did get a bit hot, so some places it is a bit rough to handle.

This piece will be reglazed. This pieces will go back for a second firing.

That is it for on of my the second shelf gas kiln firing , learning something every time firing I Fire.

Happy Potting.

Have a great day.

Wendy’s Pottery Journey.

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Pottery- Glaze- Rutile Blue.-Cone 9-10

Cone 9-10 high firing 1300 Reduction.

The way you apply this glaze, is all about the colour you get.

Dip, Brush On .,Pour Over.

How hot the kiln is. Each shelf can give you different colour.

One side of the kiln might be hotter than the other. Colour will be a brown.

This is the colour from brush on.

I fine that I you get nicer colours from brush on.

The colour when dipped in bucket.

Pouring the glaze over the potttery.

Above are only some of the different colours I have got with the glaze Rutile blue.

Leave a comment and tell me the colours you have got.

Add different Oxide for different colour.

Make a small batch first.

Polash Feldspar. 40

Silica 30

Whiting 20

Kaolin 10

You have to add your Oxides.

My first mix I add Iron Oxide instead of Red Iron Oxide.

So I added some Cobalt Carbonate, to the mix. Yes it is a real dark blue.

This is blue.

Add Oxide 1.

Red Iron Oxide 5

Rutile 5

Add Oxide 2.

Iron Oxide 5

2 teaspoons Cobalt Carbonate.

Different colours you get using Rutile Blue Glazers.

This is rutile blue with Oxide 1.Slow Pour Over.
Rutile.Oxide 1. Dip
Rutile Oxide 1. Pour over.
Rutile Oxide 2
Rutile Oxide1. Brush on.

As you can see there is a lot of different colours of Rutile.

For White, add Tin Oxide. 10g

For a light blue some time light brown. add Rutile 7g

Have fun working out Rutile colours. I like them all.

Happy potting.

Wendys Pottery Journey.

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We are always learning, different things.

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Pottery-Firing at home. Gas Kiln. Second Time Firing.

Secondhand gas Kiln. The kiln has 3 shelves. Second firing of glazed pottery.

The picture above is my Kiln being delivered.

I  glazed my pottery and put them in the kiln for two weeks, before firing. just waiting for a day to fire my pots.

Firing the kiln takes nearly the whole day.

The Glazer I used in this firing.

No143 Butter White.

Rutile blue with Red Iron Oxide.

Ice cream.

B Blue.

Rutile Blur with 2 Cobalt Carb.

The firing was not hot enough some colours were great, glazers ran and stuck to the shelf, other burnt out .

I was very excited to see the results. turning plain clay dishes in to pretty colours. Every time there is different colour on each shelf.

bottom Shelf of my kiln before firing.
Second shelf of the kiln before firing.
Third shelf of my kiln before firing.

Here are some of the results of the firing, the colours that came out.

The plate above had underglaze painted on, three times. And a clear glaze was poured over the top. Great colour of blue. the art work is not that great.
This plate went in for it second firing. I brushed rutile blue on it for second firing.
The results are a little better. Great seeing what colours the glaze bring out. This plate was on the third shelf of the kiln.
Second firing. I put this bowl in for second firing. the green was suppose to be red. I wanted red. That is why it went in for second firing.
Not a good result. After second firing. The dish was on the third shelf.
This cup the glaze was burnt of the rim.
No change the glaze did no stick to the rim, nice colours
Brush on rutile blue
This container went in for its third firing. The glaze was running thick in places. So it was brown/black Brown.

No change

The pot split. No change to the glaze.

This glaze was nice. the pottery dish was not compressed, uneven plate bottom. Made a different in the colour of the glaze.

Well that is all for this Gas Kiln Firing, second time firing pottery, might get a good firing, your pottery might crack ,watch your glaze colours change. you will never know until you try.

Happy Potting.

Wendy’s Pottery Journey.


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Home Made Clay Pottery.

Making every thing from Small Plates to Large Plates, Cup, Bowl, Planters and more.

Hand building clay pottery or wheel pottery.

Making a clay plate take a while to get to the end product. First thing you have to make something. then before it dries, you trim it to make it nice and smooth, some of my pottery is not even, I am not compressing/ smoothing out, taking the excess water away. After that you have to wait about a week for it to dry. If you put wet pottery in the kiln, it will brake, Shatter in to pieces. Broken pottery only good for the bin.

If you can not build your own pottery, have not got time. you can buy bisque wear pottery. You can paint it, or get it glazed. buy Bisque wear pottery

The large plate in the picture above, it has been put in the kiln and fired once. So it has been bisque fired, then it goes in for it’s glazing stage. Glazing pottery you have special mixers of coloured glazes that you cover on you pottery, the plate below I brushed painted lots of different colours. Lastly the pottery is put in a kiln (very hot oven) and fired to 1280 or more. Take about 8 hours to fire glazed pottery. Below the picture of the plate after glazing. I like colour.

Weight of this plate is 1200g

High 50mm, Width 210mm.

Before the pot was put in kiln, for glaze firing. You can see the glaze on it.

The pottery after the glaze firing.

It had a rutile white in the middle, then a brush on glaze on the out side and a glaze put on the top.

High 120mm. Width 130mm

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