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Tamiya 37021=US Self-Propelled Gun M107 (Vietnam)

Tamiya 37021- 1/35 scale Plastic Model Kit.

US Self-Propelled Gun M107 (Vietnam)

The kit includes new and updated parts from the Italian maker, plus Tamiya figures, accessory parts, decals and instruction manual, all packaged in a new Tamiya box.

The M107 story starts with its development from 1956; this self-propelled gun had a compact vehicle base and elongated 175mm-caliber gun barrel that gave it an impressive maximum range of 32km.

Some 524 were produced between 1965 and 1980, notably serving in the Vietnam War.

Product Specifications

1/35 Scale.

Plastic Model Kit- assembly is need.

Model parts are a product of Italeri.

Molding has been improved to reduce flash and sink marks, and provide more secure parts fit.

Previously missing/simplified parts are now recreated, including jerry can racks, main gun hydraulics pipes and connections, plus bolts and other details

Tamiya figures included? 1 seated – in realistic pose, helmet, M16 rifle, M60 machine gun and folded bed parts, and manual.

2 Vietnam War marking options are provided with Tamiya decals.

Plastic Model Kits Require

Model Paints.

Model Tools.

TS Spray Tin

AS Spray Tin


Paints Colours  Required. Tamiya Paints.

TS-5 – 100ml Olive Drab

X-1 – 10ml Black

X-10 – 10ml Gun Metal

X-11 – 10ml Chrome Silver

X-7 – 10ml Red

XF-1 – 10ml Flat Black

XF-15 – 10ml Flat Flesh

XF-49 – 10ml Khaki

XF-57 – 10ml Buff

XF-58 – 10ml Olive Green

XF-62 – 10ml Olive Drab

XF-64 – 10ml Red Brown

XF-84 – 10ml Dark Iron

XF-85 – 10ml Rubber Black

All colour are not listed above.

Need Paints

We can  supply Tamiya Paints

$4.00 for 10ml Bottles.

$12.50 for Spray tins.

Delivery of Paints are dangerous goods.

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AC-47 “Spooky” 1/72 scale- ITALERI- No 1167. Plastic Model Kit.

ITALERI No 1167. Model Kit.  Limited Edition

AC-47 “Spooky” .

During the Vietnam war the U.S. Air Force saw the need to attack Vietcong based with heavily armed, relatively slow aircraft.

The first plane utilized for that purpose was the Douglas C-47 Dakota.

Armament was usually 3×7.62mm miniguns, but light 20mm were also used.

These gunships were equipped with most modern electronics and were used almost exclusively for night mission.

Items are needed to build this kit.

Paints Colours- Dark Tan, Flat Black, Dark Green, Gun Metal Met, Medium Green, and Flat White.

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