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HobbyBoss -MIRAGE 111 C No 80315-1/48 Scale. Plastic Model Kit.

Mirage 111 C.

HobbyBoss Item No 80315. 1/48 Scale Plastic Model Kit.

The first example of the Mirage 111 C. flew on the 9th October 1960. It was the first production series to be built.

The Mirage 111 C was a single-seat interceptor, powered by Atar 09B-3 turbojet.

Armed with two 125-round DEFA 30-mm cannon, and it was also equipped with five wing pylons.

As a interceptor, the aircraft had a whole series of air-to-air missile (Matra R-511 or R-530 Sidewinders), when they used in the ground attack role, which were replaced by air-to ground missiles (As-20, AS30) or JL100R rocket launchers.

The Mirage 111 C had a rather successful export career, being used by Switzerland, Israel and South Africa.

The Mirage 111 C.

Wingspan: 8.22m. Length:14.73m. Height:425. Wing Area: 34.85m.

Power Plant: 1 SNECMA “Atar” 09B-3 jet.

Empty Weight:5922kg

Armament: Two 125-round DEFA 552 30mm cannon.

Maximum Speed -2230km/h(1.95Mach).range:2500km.

Total Plastic Pieces in this kit:183pcs.

Age 14 & Up.

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