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Drake Truck ZT09044 Combination

Drake-Truck T909 Combination Andys EarthMover.

Drake truck Model No ZT09044.

Kenworth T909 Prime Mover / 2×8 Dolly & 4×8 Swingwing Trailer – Andys Earthmovers

Diecast Trucks that are very detailed.

Collect Drakes Trucks. – You will see this truck on Australian roads in Queensland.

Andy’s Earthmovers

Highly Detailed Inside & Out

Opening Doors & Bonnet

Widening Trailer & Dolly

Drop Down Landing Legs & Rear Ramps

Metal Mirrors & Rims

Rubber Tyres & Mud Flaps

Limited Edition Release

Right Hand Drive With Australian Number Plate

1:50 Scale By Drake Collectibles  ZT09044


  • Driver and passenger doors open
  • Air ride seats
  • Functioning suspension
  • Pivoting bull bar
  • Pivoting hood
  • Locking fifth wheel
  • Sliding fifth wheel
  • Bogie drive with 50″ sleeper
  • Realistic engine detail
  • Suspension detail
  • Realistic hose detail
  • Wire mirrors
  • Rubber tires
  • Metal rims
  • Rubber mud flaps
  • Detailed interior
  • Right hand drive
  • Photo etched heat shields over mufflers
  • Australian license plate
  • Limited Edition. ZT 09044.

Sold Out .$458.00.  + Postage

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Toyota Corolla Trophee Andros-2006 1/18 Scale No83501. Alain Prost Collection.

Alain Prost & Toyota Corolla Trophee Andros.

Alain Prost Collection.

Technical Data.

Engine Lexue RX300 3.0 60-degree V6, 350bhp

Tyres Continental AS Racing Contact 2

Chassis Tubular Spaceframe.

Weight 950kg.

Transmission Six-speed Sequential.

Fuel Capacity 25 Litres.

Brakes AP Racing two-piston calipers, front and rear.

Suspension Steel Double wishbones, front and rear:

Steel, machine-welded stub-axles.

Wheelbase 2250mm.

Front Track 1686mm.

Rear Track 1686mm.

Alain Prost Story.

An ardent soccer and motorcycle racing aficionado, Alain Prost first encountered competition on four wheels when he accompanied his brother to a kart track.

Barely 14 at the time, he soon made this bright new world his own. He rapidly forged an enviable reputation through a combination of unquestionable natural flair and a strong interest in the sport’s tecnical side.

After winning the French and European Formula Renault titles (1976-77).he cruised to the European F3 title in 1979 and graduated to F1 the following season, when McLaren swooped tp capture one of the sports most promising young talents.

He competed in his first world championship grand prix at Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1980- and scored a point on his debut.

The legend was gaining momentum.

Prost switched to Renault and become a serious world championship contender, just missing out on the title in 1983.

The following season he rejoined McLaren and again finished as world championship runner-up, only half a point behind team-mate Niki Lauda.

He finially claimed the sports biggest prize in 1985, when he became Frances first Formula One world champion- a success he and McLaren repeated the following season.

Prost developed a reputation for a smooth driving style and relentless attention to detail when it came to chassis set-up qualities that led to him being nicknamed “The Professor”.

He clinched a third world title in 1989, after pipping McLaren team-mate Ayrton Senna, and then signed for Ferrari.

He fought hard, but in vain, for the 1990 world title and then decided to take a year away from the sport at the end of the 1991 campaign.

He made a stellar return in 1993, with Williams-Renault , and swept to a fourth world title.

At the time his 51 grand prix victories made him the most successful driver in F1 history, in terms of race wins.

That was an appropriate moment to bow out and he subsequently turned his attention to putting together his own F1 team, Post Grand Prix, which competed in F1 from 1997 until 2001. He was by no means yet finished as a driver, however, and in 2003 he made his debut in the Trophee Andros ice-racing series at the wheel of a Toyota.

Alain Prost Story.

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Wheel Collars for RC Aircraft. Du-Bro Products.

Installing Wheel Collars on your RC Aircraft.

Du-Bro Products. Wheel Collars .

Micro Wheel Collars

Nickel Plated Shaft / Wheel Collars

High quality machined brass shaft collars that are great for wire landing gear and axle shafts. Enough stock so that threads will not strip and can be reworked for many other uses. Includes set screw and one wrench. (Wrench not included with #243 & 244)


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Dragon Plastic Model Kits.

DRAGON Model Kits.

DML was established in 1987 to manufacture plastic model kits, according to its own designs, and then export them to all parts of the globe via agents in different countries.

he high quality products that DML have produced have won numerous awards from magazines and modeling societies throughout the world. The products are marketed under the label “Dragon”. Since its establishment, DML has constantly been investing capital in new equipment and tools. Since its founding it has now released more than 1,000 items.

In recent years have seen DML’s products marketed under the label “Revell/Monogram” in the USA, “Revell” and “Italeri” in Europe, and “Hasegawa” and “GSI” in Japan, all ODM products.

Follow Dragon Models on Facebook.

Here is a list of Dragon Models.

DR 6813 DRAGON 1/35 Pz. Beob. Wg. V Ausf. D Early Production

DR 6814 DRAGON 1/35 Sd. kfz.234 mit 7.5cm1./48 (Smart Kit).

DR 6815 DRAGON 1/35 Vollkettenaufklaerer 38 w/7. 5cm Kanone 51 1/24

DR 6816 DRAGON 1/35 Pz. Kpfw.IV Ausf. A mit ZUSATZPANZER (Smart kit).

DR6819 DRAGON 1/35 Sturmpanzer Ausf. I als Befehlspanzer (Umbau Fahrgestell Pz.Kpfw.IV Ausf.G).

DR6820 DRAGON 1/35 Pz.Kpfw.VI Ausf.E.Sd.Kfz.181 Tiger 1 “131” Early Production s,Pz.Abt.504 Tunisi

DR6821 DRAGON 1/35 Pz.Beog.Wg.V Panther mit 5cm Kw.K.39/1

DR6822 DRAGON 1/35 Panther Ausf.D V2


DR6824 DRAGON 1/35 Pz.Kpfw.IV mit Panther F Turnet (smart Kit).

DR6828 DRAGON 1/35 German 3t. 4×2 Cargo Truck w/2cm FlaK 38 (Smart Kit) (2 in 1).

DR6830 DRAGON 1/35 Panther Ausf.D.V2 Versuchsserie (Smart Kit).

DR6831 DRAGON 1/35WITTMANN’S Ace Tiger Crew.

DR6834 DRAGON 1/35 10.5cm StuH.42 Ausf. E/F (Smart Kit).


DR6838 DRAGON 1/35 Soviet SU-76i Self-Propelled Gun. (Smart Kit).

DR6843 DRAGON 1/35 Jagdpanzer IV A-O

DR6844 DRAGON 1/35 Pz.Bef.Wg.111 Ausf. H (Smart Kit).

DR6847 DRAGON 1/35 Pz.Bef.Wg. V Panther Ausf.G.

DR6848 DRAGON 1/35 Kingtiger Porsche w/Zimmerit (2 in 1).

DR6851 DRAGON 1/35 STURMGESCHUTZ 7.5cm KANONE (Sd.Kfz.142) Ausf. C/D (Smart Kit).

DR6854 DRAGON 1/35 UA Type 4 Light Tank *Ke-Nu* (Smart Kit).

DR6856 DRAGON 1/35 German Su-76i w/Cupola.

DR6857 DRAGON 1/35 Sd.Kfz.138/1 Geschutzwagen 38 H fur s,IG.33/1 Initial Production (Smart Kit).

DR6858 DRAGON 1/35 Sd.Kfz.250/7 Atle 8cm Mortar Carrier.

DR6860 DRAGON 1/35 StuG.111 Ausf.A Michael Wittmann LAH Division (Barbarossa 1941).

DR6861 DRAGON 1/35 Sd.Kfz.251 D 28/32cm Wurfrahmen 40.

DR6864 DRAGON 1/35 Sd.Kfz.251/16 Ausf.C Flammpanzerwagen.

DR6865 DRAGON 1/35 “Bergepanzer” Tiger Is.Pz.Abt.508 mit Borgward IV Ausf.A Heavy Demolition C.

DR6870 DRAGON 1/35 UA Type 97 Medium Tank “Chi-Ha” Early Production (Smart Kit).

DR6873 DRAGON 1/35 Pz.Kpfw.IV Ausf.D (Smart kit).

DR6878 DRAGON 1/35 Sd.Kfz.250/4 Ausf A Leichter Truppenluftschutzpanzerwagen mit Zwilling.

DR6885 DRAGON 1/35 Tiger 1 Early Production “Tiki” Das Reich Division ( Battle Of Kharkov).

DR6886 DRAGON 1/35 Kubelwagen Radio Car.

DR6886 DRAGON 1/35 Kubelwagen Radio Car.

DR6889 DRAGON 1/35 Flakpanzer IV (3cm) “Kugelblitz” (smart Kit).

DR6890 DRAGON 1/35 Aufklarungspanzer 38(t) w/2cm KwK38.

DR6897 DRAGON 1/35 Panther Ausf.G.Late Production w/Add-on Anti-Aircraft Armor.

DR6900 DRAGON 1/35 Kingtiger sPzAbt.506 Ardennes 1944.

DR6901 DRAGON 1/35 DAK Pz.Bef.Wg.111 Ausf.H. (Smart Kit).

DR6904 DRAGON 1/35 15cm sIG 33 auf FAHRGESTELL Pz.Kpfw.!!! (SF).

DR7018 DRAGON 1/700 Aegis Cruiser U.S.S. Ticonderoga.

DR7029 DRAGON 1/700 Aegis Destroyer U.S.S. Arleigh Burke.

DR7035 DRAGON 1/700 U.S.S. Mobile Bay.

DR7047 DRAGON 1/700 German Battleship Tirpitz.

DR7103 DRAGON 1/700 German Z-39 Destroyer (Smart Kit ).

DR7134 DRAGON 1/700 German Z-38 Destroyer (Smart Kit).

DR7201 DRAGON 1/72 Sd.Kfz.184 Elefant.

DR7215 DRAGON 1/72 M1A1 Abrams, 3rd Infantry Division (Iraq 2003).

DR7228 DRAGON 1/72 Challenger 2 (Iraq 2003).

DR7236 DRAGON 1/72 Flakpanzer V “Coelian”.

DR7255 DRAGON 1/72 German Heavy Tank “Maus”

DR7283 DRAGON 1/72 StuG.111 Ausf.G (Early Production).

DR7285 Dragon 1/72 Challenger 2 w/Dozer Blade.

DR7319 DRAGON 1/72 AAVR7A1 Assault Amphibian Vehicle, Recovery.

DR7323 DRAGON 1/72 Pz.Kpfw.111 Ausf.M w/Schurzen.

DR7327 Dragon 1/72 Churchill Mk.111 AVRE.

DR7352 Dragon 1/72 Sd.Kfz.251 Ausf.CC w/3.7c Pak 35/36 (Towing Mode.)

DR7377 DRAGON 1/72 KFZ.70 6×4 Personnel Carrier.

DR7407 DRAGON 1/72 Pz.Kpfw.Ausf.N w/side-Skirt Armor.

DR7439 DRAGON 1/72 Long Range Desert Group (LRDG) Patrol Car w/Lewis Gun.

DR7440 DRAGON 1/72 Tiger 1 Late Production w/ZIMMIERIT + Tiger Aces.

DR7446 DRAGON 1/72 Sd.Kfz.260 Kleine Panzerfunkwagen.

DR7482 DRAGON 1/72 Sd.Kfz.182 Tiger 1 Early production.

DR7484 DRAGON 1/72 M65 Atomic Annie Gun, Heavy Motorized 280mm.

DR7486 DRAGON 1/72 UN Type 2 “KA-MI’ w/Floating Pontoon Late Production.

DR7487 DRAGON 1/72 Flakpanzer 341 mit 2cm Flakvierling.

DR7488 DRAGON 1/72 5.5cm Zwilling Flakpanzer.

DR7490 DRAGON 1/72 Panzerfahre Gepanzerte Landwasserschlepper Protptype Nr.11.


DR7492 DRAGON 1/72 VK.45.02(P)V.

DR7493 DRAGON 1/72 VK.45.02(P)H.

DR7499 DRAGON 1/72 Sd.Kfz.171 Panther Ausf.A.Early Production.

DR7503 DRAGON 1/6 Kubelwagen.

DR7504 DRAGON 1/72 Long Range Desert Group Patrol Car w/2cm Gun.

DR7504 DRAGON 1/6 Soviet Aerosan Rf-8/Gaz-98.

DR7505 DRAGON 1/6 1/4-Ton 4×4 Truck w/.30-cal Machine gun.

DR7506 DRAGON 1/72 Sd.Kfz.171 Panther Ausf.D Late Production.

DR7507 DRAGON 1/72 Churchill MK.IV.NA75.

DR7508 DRAGON 1/72 Berge-Panther mit Pz.IV TURM.

DR7509 DRAGON 1/72 Panzerfahre Fahrendeck mit Gepanzerte Landwasserschlepper.

DR7510 DRAGON 1/72 Churchill MK.111 (Dieppe 1942).

DR7519 DRAGON 1/72 M103A1 Heavy Tank.

DR7551 Dragon 1/72 Pz.Kpfw.IV Ausf.H.

DR7556 DRAGON 1/72 T-34/85 Mod.1944.

DR7560 DRAGON 1/72 Pz.Kpfw.IV Ausf. F1/(F).

DR7575 DRAGON 1/72 Wittmanns Command Tiger.

Looking for other DRAGON Plastic Model Kit or leave a comment.

Viks Hobbies & Models.

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Trumpeter-03225- Russian MIG-29SMT Fulcrum Plastic Model Kit.

Top Quality Plastic Model Kits.

Product introduction:

   Depending on the third prototype ‘777 Green’,the latest Mig-29SMT (Izdeliye 9.19) Multi-Role Fighter have joined Russian Air Force in February 2009.Been installed with the lastest fire control system,the Mig-29SMT can be armed with most weapon of the Air Force and the biggest ‘fatback’ of the family and the semi-retractable IFR probe gives the fighter a larger range.

   The upgrade increases the basic Mig-29’s combat potential (especially in air-to-graound mode)2.5 times.

Item No     03225
Item Name     Russian MIG-29SMT Fulcrum
Bar Code     9580208032252
Scale     1:32
Item Type     Plastic Model Aircraft Kit
Model Brief     Length: 536.2mm   Wingspan: 356.5mm 
Total Parts     670+
Metal Parts     gear strut
Photo Etched Parts     3 pcs
Film Parts     n/a
Resin Parts     n/a
Total Sprues     28 sprues , upper hull , lower hull and tires
Released Date     2019-03
More Features     – Detailed  fuselage&wing w/accurate design
– Highly detailed  Engines
– Finely detailed cockpit,gear cabin,
– Grooved rubber tires
– PE parts included

Need Help Buying This Kit. E-Mail Us.

Viks Hobbies & Models.

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Trumpeter E01672 Su-24MR Fencer. Plastic Model Kit.

Product introduction:

     The Su-24 tactical Bomber was designed by Sukhoi OKB. It`s an all-weather, low-level attack aircraft which known by the NATO codename ‘Fencer’. The aircraft has a conventional aerodynamic configuration with a variable-sweep shoulder wing, side-mounted intakes and two-seat cockpit. The first production aircraft flew on 31 December 1971. The total production of the Su-24 was about 1,400 planes and the aircraft is in service with the Russian Air Force and Navy, and the air forces of Azerbaijan, Algeria, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Libya, Syria and Ukraine.

     The Su-24MR is the tactical reconnaissance version of the Su-24 family which the codename Fencer-E.The aircraft had removed all the attack system expect the necessary equipments such as the terrain-following radar.besides,a series of new equipments for the reconnaissance missions such as the Aist-M camera,RDS-BO side-looking airborne radar were installed.

Item No     01672
Item Name     Su-24MR Fencer-E
Bar Code     9580208016726
Scale     1:72
Item Type     Static Kit
Model Brief     Length: 313mm   Wingspan:245 mm  
Total Parts     190+
Metal Parts     n/a
Photo Etched Parts     n/a
Film Parts     n/a
Resin Parts     n/a
Total Sprues     17 sprues and fuselage
Released Date     2015-06
More Features     The kit consists of  over 190 parts , includes 6 clear parts
– fuselage&wing with finely engraved panel lines

Need help to buy this product. E-Mail Us.

Have a great day.

Viks Hobbies & Models.

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Kinetic Model Kits. K48035. FRS.1 Royal Navy Sea Harrier FRS1. 1/48 Scale .

Plastic Model Kit.

Item No K48035.

FRS.1 Royal Navy Sea Harrier FRS1.

1/48 Scale Plastic Model Kit.

Length: 296mm.

Wingspan : 158mm.

Parts : 270+.

FRS.1Royal Navy Sea Harrier FRS1.

The Sea Harrier is a naval vertical/short takeoff and landing (V/STOL) jet fighter, reconnaissance and attack aircraft. The first version entered service with the Royal Navy’s Fleet Air Arm in April 1980 as the Sea Harrier FRS1, and was informally known as the Shar.

During the 1982 Falklands/Malvinas conflict the HMS Invincible and HMS Hermes were dispatched to the South Atlantic along with all available surface combatants and support vessels.

The FRS1 provided air defense support to the fleet, and to the troops ashore and did a credible job against the Argentine Air Force and Naval air force operating from their home bases on the mainland. With the help of the last-minute upgrade to employ the all-aspect AIM-9L Sidewinder, the Harrier FRS1 was able to achieve 21 kills without any air-to-air losses.

Model Features.

One-piece slide moulding nozzle.

Air-to-air missiles AIM-120 AMRAAM , AIM-9 Sidewinder.

Anti-ship missiles: Sea Eagle

Mk 17 1000lbs bomb

BL 755 CBU

Buy This Plastic Model Kit

Viks Hobbies & Models.


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Thunder Tiger RC Buggy. 1/8 6S RTR Bush Master 8E Plus.

Thunder Tiger Buggy Electric.


Combining the winning design with the manufacturing wizardry of Thunder Tiger, we present to you the RTR high performance 1/8 electric buggy, the Bushmaster 8E. This intricately designed 1:8 brushless electric buggy can propel itself on any race track with ease and the front/rear shock absorbers, a metal reinforced chassis with a low gravity design, 2000KV brushless motor and 4S~6S LiPo battery(sold separately) all complement each other perfectly to give you maximum force and fun. 16mm hi-capacity hydraulic shock absorbers can provide maximum tire traction. The interior electric components and body adjustments are pre-set at the factory, so that you can enjoy the exhilaration of the Bushmaster 8E right from the box. The perfect mix of speed and handling at your fingertips. It’ll be your best option on the tracks!

Lightweight and durable drivetrain with two-piece sliding motor mount for easy gear mesh adjustment and motor removal

16mm Big Bore aluminum shock bodies and caps with rubber shock boots

150A waterpoof brushless electronic speed control with T-plug Connector

Equipped with 10.5kg high-torque metal-gear servo and enclosed receiver box, ensuring segregation of water and debris

Powerful RIPPER IBL-40/20 2000KV brushless motor

Low center of gravity 4mm thick aluminum shock towers

High-traction knobby tires

Looking For speed Check this video out.

Items Are needed for this car.( Lipo Battery 4S or 6S (sold separately). Lipo Charger

Order this Buggy. vik@vikshobbies .com

Find out if our wholesaler has in stock. Delivery 6-10 Days.

Viks Hobbies & Models.

Have a Great Day.

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Thunder Tiger Spare Parts.

Thunder Tiger Corporation is a Taiwan manufacturer of radio controlled models including airplanes, helicopters, cars, boats, accessories and engines.

Below is a list of parts we have in stock.

Looking for a different part e-Mail us with the part number.

  • AA1680 Exhaust Coupler 21/28.
  • PD0167 Front Torque Rod
  • PD1498 Knuckle Hub
  • PD0871 Coupler Tube.
  • PD2339 Mount Post.
  • AA0418 Shaft Guide.
  • PD8019 FR Bumper Brace.
  • PN1895 Clutch Bell.
  • PD1575 Rebuild Kit.
  • PD1955 Susp Arm.
  • PD2364 Main Gear.
  • PD1907 Susp Plate.
  • PD1754 Spur Gear.
  • PD0566 Susp Member.
  • PD1517 Body Mount
  • PD1915 Knuckle
  • PN0276 Start Back Plate
  • PD2366 CTR CVA
  • PD1896 Diff Shime
  • PD1508 Bellcrank Post.
  • PD1969 Ball Bearing.
  • PD8013 L/WR Susp Arm Set.
  • PD1464 F/R Drive CVA MTA4.
  • PD7977 Front Susp Arm.
  • PD8036 1/10 Clutch Bell.
  • PD6340 2 SPD Pinion & Shaft.
  • PD1593 Shoulder Screw.
  • PD1456 Main Spur Gear
  • PD0552 RR Sway Bar.
  • PD8049 CTR Trans Case MT-12.
  • PD1515 FR Shock Tower MTA4.
  • PD0389 Screw Bag.
  • PD1497 Suspension Hinge Pin Set MTA4
  • PD1478 Shock Ends MTA4
  • PD1227 Manifold Spring MTA4.
  • PD1505 Turnbuckle M4 126mm MTA4.
  • PD0570 Tie-Ends Set EB/K.
  • PD0583 FR Sway Bar 2.3mm EB4.
  • PD1525 Servo Saver.
  • PD1924 Hex Wheel Adapter set.
  • PD8130 Shock Body & Cap MT-12.
  • PN1251 Set Screw EB/K.
  • PD1205 L Susp Arm (cold) EB/K S2.
  • PD8058 2 SPD Gears MT-12.
  • PD8009 Drive Bone MT-12.
  • PD1503 Turnbuckle 4″ 110mm.
  • PD1920 ST. Tie End S3.
  • AR0019 Front Suspension Arm Set.
  • PD1745 Upr Suspension Arm (2) MTA4.
  • PW0258 Starting Cover Set 21 BX.
  • PD1522 Clutch Hardware, 21 MTA4.
  • PD8082 TH/BK Linkage, MT-12.
  • PD1500 Ball Type universal MTA4.
  • PD0562 Shock Plastic Parts EB/K
  • PD0581 S S Metal Park EB/K
  • PD0617 Front Knuckle EB/K.
  • PD7713 Long Hex Adapter TA-B.
  • PD1806 Clutch Bell 31.5 20T.
  • PD1467 F. Drive / Disc Brake Hub.
  • PD1563 Locknut (8) Flange M5.
  • PD7228 FR CVA Rebuild Kit.
  • PD1528 Thro/Brake Linkage MTA4.
  • PD1569 E-Clip (20) 2.5mm MTA4.
  • PD1465 F/R Drive Input Cup MTA4.
  • PD1546 SK. H.M. Screw (20) M5* 10.
  • PD1740 Drive Cup Set Screw MTA
  • PD8037 Ball Bearing Set (2)

Above is a list of Thunder Tiger Spare Parts we have in stock.

If you would like to buy more than one part, please e-mail use before paying.

Look out for more Thunder RC’S.

Viks Hobbies & Models.

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Hasegawa-09726-TF-104G/F-104D Starfighter-U.S.A.F.

Plastic Model Kit.


Hasegawa-09726-TF-104G/F-104D Starfighter-U.S.A.F.

1/48 Scale. USAF.

Lookheed F104 Star Fighter

Role. Interceptor Aircraft.

An interceptor aircraft, or simply interceptor, is a type of fighter aircraft designed specifically to attack enemy aircraft, particularly bombers and reconnaissance aircraft, as they approach. There are two general classes of interceptor: relatively lightweight aircraft built for high performance, and heavier aircraft designed to fly at night or in adverse weather and operate over longer ranges.

Manufacturer Name LookHeed.

The Lockheed Corporation (originally the Loughead Aircraft Manufacturing Company) was an American aerospace company. Lockheed was founded in 1912 and later merged with Martin Marietta to form Lockheed Martin in 1995.

First Flight.

17 th February 1956.


20th  February 1958.


31st  October 2004 ( Italy)

Primary Users 

United State Air Force.

German Air Force.

Japan Air Self-Defence Force.

Turkish Air Force.

Number Built.


Cost Each

US$1.42 Million

Learn about the aircraft History.

For more Hasegawa- Plastic Model Kits visit our online store.
Hasegawa Hobby Kits.


Viks Hobbies & Models

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