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Display Case-Plastic Display Case -All Sizers.

Helps protect your collectible . Protects your Die Cast Models.

Display case are great to use to put you Model or toy in, it protects your Model from the dust and people touching your model. Finding display case, the size of your model.

Display Case available are listed below, we have to order these cases. Delivery is 6-10 Days.

DISPLAY CASE, 257 X 66 X 60mm*

TRT09803-DISPLAY CASE, Size. 257 X 66 X 60mm Order Now $13.80.

TRT09809 DISPLAY CASE- 359 X 89 X 89mm Order Now. $18.00

TRT09814 – DISPLAY CASE- 324 X 165 X 127mm. Order Now $28.50


TRT09817. DISPLAY CASE, 210 X 100 X 80mm. Order Now $17.00

TRT09843-DISPLAY CASE, GLASS, 1500 X 440 X 440mm Order Now.( Out Of Stock). $499.99. Find out Delivery on this item.

More Display case that are out of stock.

TRT09808- 316x276x136mm QM display case. $32.00.

TRT09801 DISPLAY CASE, 501 X 149 X 121mm $35.00.

TRT09802- DISPLAY CASE, 257 X 66 X 82mm. $14.00

TRT09805 DISPLAY CASE, 501 X 149 X 146mm $37.00

TRT09844 DISPLAY CASE, GLASS, 1250 X 340 X 385mm $399.99.

Please e-mail me if you would like to order a special size display case I might be able to help.

Have a great Day.

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