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RC Battery Charger-Infinity Power PRO3 AC/DC 80W 7.0A Charger

RC Battery Charger

Infinity Power PRO3

AC/DC 80W 7.0A Charger

Easy To Use.

This charger is plug into power or you can plug it on your battery.

In your Box.

Instruction Book.

AC/DC charger.

Cords for Charging 2


  • New 80 Watt Circuit allows for 7.0A Charge Rate
  • Integrated Balance Ports
  • Lithium Cell Voltage Monitor
  • Support LiHV Battery


Operating Voltage Range:



Circuit Power

    Max 80W

Circuit Discharge Power

    Max 5W

Charge Current range


Discharge Current Rate


Cell Count

    1-6 LiPo/Li-ion/LiFe

    1-15 NiHm/NiCd

    1-10 Lead-Acid (2V-10V)

Current Drain for Balancing Lithium


Net Weight



    136 x 127 x 56mm

There is lots of different brand chargers out on the market.

Updating to a good charger, Buy one that will turn off it self after charging.

Able to read each battery you charge.

This charger has a glow plug charging cord. You can make different adapters/connections.

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