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Avon Bottle Collection. Start a new Collection.

Start a new collection, Old Avon bottles.

Nine Old Avon Bottles to start your collection. Buy Now.

First Avon Bottle.

The Telephone. Old fashion telephone. La belle Telephone 25ml. Occur cologne.

This bottle is empty, you can still smell the cologne that was in it. Pretty Bottle. High 3cm

Number Two Bottle .

A pistol . Thomas Jefferson handgun. The cologne is Everest. Still has the cologne inside. It is 26cm long.

Number three Bottle.

Vintage Avon Magnifying Glass Cologne Bottle. Clint After Shave cologne still inside. 25cm long

Number Four Avon Bottle.

Windjammer Pipe. 85ml After Shave Cologne bottle. Cologne still inside.18.5cm long.

Number Five Avon Bottle.

1876 centennial express. Spicy After Shave. This Train Avon bottle still full.145ml. 22cm long.

Number Six Avon Bottle.

Straight 8 Avon Car Bottle. Spicy After Shave Lotion. Full Bottle. 5Fl Oz. Bottle is green. 16cm Long.

Number Seven Avon Bottle.

Canada Goose Avon Bottle. Tai Wind After Shave cologne. 142ml. stands 19cm tall. full bottle.

Number Eight Avon Bottle.

Crowned Swan Avon Bottle, Blue Bottle. Bottle empty. 8cm high. Can still smell cologne.

Number Nine Avon Bottle.

Turtle Avon bottle. Bottle empty. 9cm long.

This collection is being sold as 9 Avon Bottles. Buy Now.

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