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Hobbies In Australia-Mount Isa

Hello Everyone, .  We are all about Selling Big boys toys .


Viks Hobbies & Models Online Store.

Buying from Wholesale site in Australia.

We are a Retail Hobby Shop in Mount Isa Queensland. With a online business.

Selling Toys, Hobbies and Collectible, Paints  Products and lots more.

Shop front Store.

After about a year of research on Toys and Hobbies, Vik open his shop. in Mount Isa.

We open our store in 2003 . At 56 Barkly Highway, in 2008 we moved to 45 Barkly Highway. Mount Isa

Our shop front  was straight across the road from the mines. Mount Isa’s  Big Stack is across the road.

2019 we move to our online Business. Closing out shop Front down.

Vik likes to play, build, and fix things. And Love making things.


Mount Isa.

Mount Isa is a small mining town 900 kl from Townsville, in Queensland.

The population is about 16,000, People living in the town.

Internet Shop-Retail/Wholesale.

Most of our products  on  our online store, are from  the wholesale company’s in Australia.

Let us buy your next hobby. Let us show you how to learn and  understand about the different hobbies you can start.

Buying Toys and Hobbies

We can buy and sell  a lot of different toys/hobbies  We are only a  small online shop,  we can not stock everything, but we can get nearly everything.  Order something and it only takes around 6-10 days for delivery.

Hobbies I like doing.

Over the years I have did a lot of different hobbies, My planes are one off my favourite. The plane image above is myself, flying my RC Plane. A DJI Maric Pro Drone took the picture. I play with all toys, I collect Lego, and die cast models. Love chilling out make different plastic model kits, just like to do some thing in my spare time.

I do specialize in any thing to do with remote control/Radio Control  having  a great knowledge on the electric and Nitro Motors and Batteries, of all Remote/Radio  Control items.


Need a hobby.

Are you board , nothing to do start a hobby.

It will help you take you mind of everything. All work and no play is not good for you.

If you are looking for a hobby, want to know more about something, E-Mail Me  vik@vikshobbies.com we might be able to help you.

Some of the Brands  that we sell Click.

Viks Hobbies & Model online Shop is Open.

Monday- Friday 10am- 2pm.

Saturday -9am-12pm.

Mount Isa. 4825.


I hope you enjoy this website. Leave us a comment.

Have a great Day.

Viks Hobbies & Model.

Mount Isa.